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Research (Sorrow in Haven)

Often times folks want to get involved in some research. Rather than write an entirely new set of rules, going to use a modified version of the "Chase" mechanics used for social interaction and evasion/pursiut.

Assuming a standard library of knowledge, let's set the track. 

The Track
0 = no more knowledge can be attained
1 = possibly false valuable info found
2 = possibly false petty information found
3 = general starting point
4 = petty info
5 = valuable info
6 = significant information acquired!

The Research

  • Researching is an 8 hour block of time (most of a day)
  • The researcher gets 1 INT Check
    • this could always be another attribute like WIT or AWR depending on the situaiton 
  • Someone helping gives Advantage like usual
    • make sure they can reasonably help (being literate is the most obvious)
  • The Difficulty is based on
    • what information is being researched
    • how complex the library is - is it organised, character access, and so on.

Check Results
 Check  Result 
Legendary Failure down 3 levels
Critical Failure down 2 levels 
Failure down 1 level
Success up 1 level
Critical Success up 2 levels
 Legendary Success  up 3 levels

After a check, the character can accept the level they are on and stop researching.  A result of valuable info includes the petty info, and the significant info includes the valuable and petty results. Info isn't passed along until the character decides to stop researching.

If the characters want to continue researching, they can, but the difficulty increases each time. If the track gets to 0 they find nothing of value.

Add modifiers from the state of the library and the research topic.

State of the Library - start at a base rating of 3, then modifi
  • Maintained: -1 .... Not Maintained: +1
  • Organized: -1 ... Disorganized: +1
  • Extensive: -1 ... Limited: +1
Research Topic - cross reference if the knowledge might be common/uncommon/rare and the specificity of the knowledge the character is seeking: general/specific/detailed and add that to the Difficulty:
 General  Specific  Detailed 
 Uncommon 71013

Examples of other things that can come into play for the difficulty:
  • Rush Job: research for a 4 hour block - roll at Disadvantage
  • Library is focused on the topic at hand - reduce the difficulty by 3 (architecture library) or 5 points (late 3rd era architecture)
  • Library is Dangerous: Difficulty increased by up to 6, reduce by 1 for everyone "on watch"
  • Each additional research block is +1 Difficulty.


A Tough One
The crew has BROKEN into the GDD Lore Archives to research a specific member of the Moonlight Faerie Court (something named Stardust). 

The Library is Extensive but Disorganized. It is sort of maintained; Difficulty +0
The Topic is Uncommon and they are looking for Specific information; Difficulty +10
The Situation is dangerous (4) - if they get caught they'll get in trouble; 3 folks are keeping watching; Difficulty +1 (4-3)
Net difficulty for this research is 11

Beth (INT +2) and Tucker are doing the research, so the roll is made with Advantage.
They are going to take their time and hope they aren't spotted, taking a full 8 hours (to avoid the Rush Job Disadvantage).
Beth Strives fully at +6.

The Players: Roll with Advantage + 8 (+2 INT, +6 Strive)
The GM Roll 2d6+11

The Dice & Results
Players: 2, 5, 6; keep the 5 and 6 plus 8 for a total of 19
GM: 6, 4 plus 11 for 21
Failure ... the now at track 2 the group finds some petty information that might be false. they decide to take it and bug out of there.

A Better Situaiton
A different crew is researching the same stuff, but in Ingref's personal collection of Fey Lore.
Library is: well maintained and organized (-2)
Topic is: uncommon and specific (10)
This collection is FOCUSED on the fairie (-3)
Net Difficulty: 5

Dirk (Int +1) and Uth do the research. Rolling with advantage and fully striving.
Players roll 14, GM rolls 13 - Success! At Track position 4.
The group decides to keep researching. The difficulty goes up by 1
Players roll 17, GM rolls 10 - Critical Success! At Track position 6.

The group has what they are looking for, thanks Ingref, and takes their leave after an exhausting day.

Using the Crew's Research Library Collection

  • Same rules, but don't forget you can add the rank of the collection to the Action Roll. 
  • The Value "Lost" is based on the Action Roll that has the potential the be the most costly
    • In order of potential Value "Lost":  Legendary Failure, Critical Failure, Legendary Success, Critical Success, Success/Failure
  • w6u


  • If the party has some key information, perhaps they start at position 4. 
  • The Research Track positions from 0 to 8 and the party starts at 4 for a larger or more complex research project.
  • Instead of knowledge, some of the track positions contain events (position 1, the war librarians have noticed you and are coming to check credentials you don't have).
  • Research time costs money ... a double rush is 2 hours, but 2 Disadvantages (so even with help, the roll is at Disadvantage).
  • You hire or have Research Assistants (crew improvement), each one allows you to re-roll a die on your check.

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