Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-2)

Continuing the Feldron Wastes Region is the Shattered Spear.  Home of two factions there is plenty of opportunity for  all sorts of activity.  Each of the Locations deserves a more detailed write-up, but perhaps another time.  Leaving things a bit blank opens up tons of opportunity for the GM to wing it and the players to influence what is happening.

Area: The Shattered Spear
Tags: Temperate, Perilous, Coastal, Blighted, Difficult (broken boggy ground)

Overview: The shattered spear is a peninsula that juts into the Kelbrian Sea.  At the tip is the town of Odin's Spear, cut off from the mainland by the rugged terrain and Levitolith lair.  There is a tenuous peace of sorts brought about by the Juk Engine, but revolt and violence are on the horizon.

Location - Steading: Odin's Spear (Safety Tunnel City)
Tags: Human Town, Safe, Civilized, Steady, Guard, Faction (Citizens of Odin's Spear), Emnity (Levitolith Complex)

Overview: A town built on the sinking ruins of a city on the end of a quagmire, Odin's Spear is still proud if in big trouble.  The Juk Engine provides a cycle of day and night to combat the strange effects of the Levitolith presence but it also enslaves some of their people - turning them into mindless sacks of meat for days at a time.

Location - Lair: Levotolith Invader Complex
Tags: Crashed Alien Complex, Unsafe, Faction (The Levitolith), Emnity (Odin's Spear)

Overview:The Levitolith are non-humanoid alien's that, when their ship was the center of a Patchwork incursion, became the center of a new hybrid species.  They only want to get "home" to the Place Between the Stars.  The complex has the remains of their ship in the center but has grown both above and below ground as well into nearby dimension space.  The Levitolith are not evil, but they are not particularly friendly.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 3

Behold!  Three terrible things that live in the Jure Loss, a heavily wooded marsh that was once a lush green and blue forest.

Stone Mother Tags: Alien, Unknowable
Type: Dark Urchin Organization: Large Group (Medium)
Description: Dripping, Animalistic Instinct: to enjoy
HP: 8
Armor: 3
Attack: Slam ( d6)
  call every formian it spawned
  Silently prowl behind
  Turn flesh to stone, and vice versa
Known For:

Stone Mothers are things are beasts from "Gertris Most Beautiful".  They appear as sweating, bestial humanoid statues, at least until they attack by slamming their bodies into whoever has caught their single marbled eye. While they are clearly intelligent, all attempts at communication have failed.  Their targets, who are never devoured, are turned to stone that slowly mutates over the course of the moon and eventually become mindless minions (treat as zombies but with Armor 3).  They occasionally turn their minions back to flesh, sometimes before the mutation, but not always.

Obokirk Tags: Beast
Type: Reeking Incarnation Organization: Solitary (Medium)
Description: Eight legs, Talkative Instinct: To Dismember and reassemble
HP: 12
Armor: 1
Attack: Spiked whip ( d10)
  Strike the perfect blow
  Surprise from the mud
  Grapple with their whip
  Offer a reward
Known For:

The oborkirk are an intelligent beast that have laid a complex plan and will do anything to bring it to fruition. They are the voices from the bogs of Jure Loss offering rewards for acts that seem to have no rhyme or reason.  Upon their eight spindly legs they climb and cling to everything when not skulking in the mud.  Their mandibles, if they were once arachnids at all, are two great thorny whips and they have an uncanny knack for striking the perfect blow from cover - knocking foes to the ground and causing weapons and shields to fly into the bog, lost forever.  Given the opportunity, they will tear a victim apart and reassemble them as a scarecrow or talisman that they hang near their lair.

Gorehound Tags: Beast
Type: Sleek Hound Organization: Small Group (Medium)
Description: several claws, Regretful Instinct: to mutilate
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Powerful jaw ( d8)
  send the pack to hunt
  meld into the swamp
  fly to a better vantage point
Known For:

Gorehounds have a single purpose in their strange life - rip everything to shreds.  They look like skinless dogs with their heads replaced with a "shovel" of bone, eyes and teeth rattling around under a tough mucous membrane.  They prowl the Jure Loss in small packs, but their whistling grunts can be heard echoing, and they often call more of their kind for a big kill.  There are a few among the pack that have great sacks they can inflate with swamp gases that give them the ability to clumsily fly into the gnarled limbs of the swamp trees.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-1)

Each post for a particular region will include the details of the previous posts, building into a single set of things.  I know DW is all about leaving blanks and discovery through play, but as the GM this is the stuff I love - creating a universe to explore.  There are plenty of blanks in what I'm writing - any GM worth their weight in geldings should be able to find plenty of places to slot new and interesting ideas.

Additional Plans for each Region/Area

  • Include random encounters with monster stats (Monster Friday!)
  • Weather table
  • Pointcrawl map
  • Anything else i think will spice things up but not get too detailed without purpose

Region: Feldron Wastes
Tags: Temperate, Unsafe, Jagged Hills, Barren, Resource (Scions Artifacts)

Overview: Once civilized and bountiful, Feldron is now overrun with Savage Barbarians and an ongoing confrontation between the citizens of Odin's Spear (once the seat of power of the region) and the Levitolith, an alien culture that has become infested with Things from the Patchwork.

Factions: Barbarians, Citizens of Odin' Spear, Levitolioth, Hollow Farmers

Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1)

I've created a generator that uses several sources (Perilous Wilds, Location Cards, and Luka Rejec's G+ feed) to create Random Locations for Adventure!  This one is getting posted today, but I'll add more details to each region (or start a new region) each Wednesday. The generator doesn't do everything, in fact it is purposefully lacking and full of ambiguity.  Let's see what the first batch of posts is going to be based on:

Region: Waste of Fury (Unsafe)
    Area: The Shattered Spear (Perilous)
        * (6) The Juk Engine circulation defines the days and nights of the Safety Tunnel City. Wango
           and Györ looked on from the platform supplied by the Levitolith Transmutation Agreement. A
           safe distance, said Györ. That's what the barbarian said, replied Wango. This will all end in
        * Lair

    Area: The Ring of Skull (Unsafe)
        * Deserted Farm
                Lone bull aurach here
                Numerous goats graze here
        * Artifact - Planar: Aestherial Tear

    Area: The Crypt of Doom (Perilous)
        * Ruins

This looks like a good set to start with.  A Region with 3 Areas and 5 Locations and the opportunity for a bunch of weird shit.  The Furious Wastes should work out nicely.  I'd write more now, but I'm recovering from the New England Tough Mudder (and i'll probably mention that a few more times because I'm pretty pleased with myself for finishing).  More Dungeon World goodness is on the horizon - the Dawn of Eradu is coming to life!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 2 [DoE MF]

Three more beauties for the Dawn of Eradu in the Dungeon World style.

Anyone out there interested in doing some artwork for these (and future critters)?

Centipedic KnightsTags:Patchwork, Divine
Type: Articulated DegenerateOrganization:Group (Medium)
Description:Dirty, CunningInstinct:to rule
Armor: 0
Attack: acid-weeping hands ( d8+2)
  eating away at metal and flesh
  attack from the sky
  Sense the presence of undead
Known for:
  Half damage from edged weapons
  Being Favored
  Uncanny Endurance

Unnaturally blessed of on of the orbital gods, the filthy centipedic knights stalk the Desh on their rubbery pods looking for minions, for those who would worship them as divine creatures themselves.  They often have packs of smaller semi-intelligent things that do their bidding.  Their touch contains a corrosive fluid that they use to mark that which they claim with sloppy spiral patterns.  Known to leap from trees or terrible heights, the endurance of the knights is incredible; the ability to shrug off non-lethal damage is tremendous.  They are frightened of undead and can sense them when near by. Undead of all kinds will attack centipedic knights on sight at all costs.

Beasts of ThunTags:Alien, Organized
Type: Croatoan CompulsorOrganization: Small Group (Large)
Description: Fecal, RaggedInstinct: to decay
Attack: Smash ( d8+3)
 close, reach, vicious armament
  Blend into the environment
  Travel to other planes (with guests)
  Pass on divine knowledge

A single pack of the Beasts of Thun are known to wander the gardens of Kellet Thun, slowly decaying from unknown factors on this world.  They have a sort of camoflage instinct that causes their skin to change to textures and colors similar to the area which they roam.  The beasts have been seen to do what is described as a "dance", stamping their four great hooves in syncopated rythms until they slide to another dimensions, only to return a few minutes later.  Those that can stand their terrible stench and the miasma of sorrow that hangs about them may be able to discern strange secrets whispered from within the beasts' swollen bellies.

Ogres of RudwormTags: Undead, Disgusting
Type: Fell WandererOrganization:Small Group (Large)
Description: Biomechanical, UnkemptInstinct: to guard
HP: 8
Armor: 0
Attack: Crushing Fists (d8+1)
 close, reach
  Lightning Breath
  Bring its full bulk to bear
  Use a built-in tool for adaptation
Known for:
 incredibly fast climbing

In the Rudworm valley small groups of undead ogres guard passages, clearing, fallen statues, and a variety of places that seem to have no values.  Steer clear and you'll probably be fine, but get too close and you'll feel the bash of crushing meaty fist nodules on arms that are a bit too long, encounter the rare but excruciatingly painful "lighting vomit", or worst of all be at the bottom when they instinctively dog-pile on a single target (maggots and thing black ooze pooling in the victim's mouth and eyes makes it that much worse).  Under the ragged flesh can be seen metal components - that when unleashed act as spider-like limbs and allow for climbing at prodigious speed not congruent with their pussy corpulent bloat.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 1 [DoE MF]

I'm trying this new thing ... a weekly Friday post to write up 3 monsters for the World of Eradu campaign. I'm also completely comfortable that the [DoE MF] tag could be read as "Down of Eradu Mother Fuckers".  That works as well.

The Bishop of Kellet Thun Tags: Undead
Type: Perfect ExcruciatorOrganization: Unique (Medium)
Description: Rotting, PiousInstinct:to prepare
HP: 16
Armor: 0
Attack: Black Piercing Mandibles ( d10)
 close, Piercing: 1
  Grapple a prey
  Attack from an impossible angle
  Impale a threat
Known for:
 Deft Strike

The Bishop sits in meditative prayer at the entrance to Kellet Thun.  His meditations are simple and keen - giving him visions of those that approach, and as such he can prepare for their inevitable desire to enter the Temple of Welcome that leads to Kellet Thun.  His meditations also help obscure the life that he once had, which bring pain and suffering which manifest themselves as piercing black mandibles of the Unholy Glistening Beetle moving thorugh his dusty flesh.  When the bishop strikes he does so quickly, without warning, and from places that make little sense.

Holy Hunting DogsTags: Scions, Divine
Type: Cloaked HoundOrganization: Group (Medium)
Description: translucent skin, PiousInstinct:to enjoy
Attack: Elemental blast ( d8+2)
  Be healed by lightning
  Use scavenged weapons or magic
  Explode splinters all around

Created by The Covenant of Steel, a violent and power-hunger Cult of Scions, the Holy Hunting Dogs are created false thing.  Now free of their masters' control they roam Eradu in search of things unknown.  They seem to enjoy playing similar to puppies, but as they were built for war a playful nip can turn into a short range blast of electrical discharge.  In addition to being nearly invisible when not moving, the hunting dogs have the ability to absorb non-organic matter and utilize any abilities associated with it.  The hunting dogs tend to explode when they become too excited, so engage with the utmost care.

Abula Ros, Sister of ContritionTags: Scions
Type: Altar MaidenOrganization: Unique (Medium)
Description: Spikes, Serrated teeth, PoliteInstinct:to haunt
Attack: Horns ( d10)
 close, hold at bay
  Sing foes into a dazed state
  undermine the ground
  snuff out light

Her sisters are dead, and she wanders Eradu the last of her kind.  When she does choose to settle,  it is in a place that is far from civilization or intelligent things.  She sings a self-itterating tune of ditonal notes and upended chords while she works digging tunnels toward an unknown goal.  Those that approach her find sunlight never quite reaches her and their torches dimming no less than the flicker of a candle.  Those that engage find her polite if intimidating, but anyone foolish enough to attack will be pinned by her articulated "horns" as her vicious serrated teeth separate chunks of flesh from bone.  If Abula has been in a place long enough she often has numerous "pleasure toys" that she has dazed into a state of ecstatic, blank-eyed, living dolls.