Monday, May 20, 2019

The Cosmology of Eradu

Some "common knowledge" about the cosmos of Sorrow in Haven.

Realm of Light
This is Eradu, the world of Man, the seat of Haven the Perfect City, a place of Order. While things outside the Dome of Haven are a terrible and dangerous mess, this is the prime dimension, the material plane. Eradu and her moons were created by the World God Xin in ancient times and the current state of things is because of the vile Phoenix Legion, who slew the World God but failed to bring about the end of Eradu itself.

Another dimension of being that lies right next to the Realm of Light. It pushes through and grows like a fungus or mold, corrupting and twisting things. These tears in reality lead to the Underworld itself, a place of madness and perverted order. These "dungeons" are part of a greater problem.

The Astral Plane
The Astral surrounds the Realm of Light and the Underworld and, many suspect, all places. Most things have a form in the astral, people as shadows of themselves, sleeping wrapped in their silver cords. Wizards can step into the aether of the Astral, a gift or curse of their connection to the Patchwork Kingdom. From the Astral a wizard could travel to any other dimension.

A filthy shadow cast by the Realm of Light cast upon the Astral. It is a place of darkness and blood. The gloom occasionally creeps into the foulest places of the Realm of Light - most often the residue of a wizard travelling there. Wizards attempting to see into the Astral often 'miscast' themselves into the Gloom. The reasons for this are unknown, the outcomes are often unfortunate.

The Patchwork Kingdom
Wizards have a connection to the Patchwork Kingdom - a hole in their soul - that allows the power and chaos of this otherworldly realm to be channeled and controlled - at least up to a point. It is a rarely glimpsed place of unrelenting chaos; pure energy of form and thought; demonic nightmares and creatures strange beyond comprehension. It is a place of demons.

The Courts
Reference of the Fairy Courts, Lands of the Fey (also Faerie, fae, fyrae, and all manner of spellings have been found) are common in the tales of children, drunk, and adventurer alike. Elves of all manner, hobgoblin, bogarts, and bogeymen run amok, beautiful people offering delicious food and unexpected wine, and a war so ancient that everything is said to be a pawn. If the five courts (Summer, Winter, Spring, SUmmer, and Moonlight) even exist, be wary if things seem too idyllic.

Star Realms
Somewhere beyond Erau, not exactly in the Realm of Light, hiding in the darkness between the infinite stars, are the Star Realms. The Old Gods, if they exist or ever existed, wait here sleeping. Their avatars can sometimes be seen searching the night skies, looking for worshipers, casting their strange repeating melodic messages. Members of the Esoteric Society claim that in the most ancient texts Eradu was part of a vast network and the Star Realms were but a moment away. 

Sigil and the Variance
Adventurers sometimes run across rumors of a place called Sigil, a city in the heavens at the center of the universe. They also find references to the Variance, some sort of subtle shifts in Realm of Light and perhaps elsewhere. Talk of divergent streams and parallel lines, the appearance of odd mathematics and references to the Machine Core; these are signs of Sigil and her three rulers: The Lady of Pain, The Lady of Suffering, and the Lady of Dreams.

Rumors Around Haven

What is happening Haven right now?

Dungeon Goodness
1. Sorrow has been rumbling! The vermin at the Block have multiplied and the Hammers have been keeping a goblin infestation under control. Rumors that the Recasting on Jubilation woke the dungeon up.

2. The Gentlemen of Success (GDD 638 - North Gate) have made a concerted expedition into the Sorrow! On their last venture they spoke of the Great Halls beneath the Gauntlet ... a place of giants.

3. The Night Runners (GDD 719 - Smouldering Wharf) leadership has had a mighty blow - a confirmed TPK of their most senior members a dungeon on the wharf. The new crew is continuing the contract, but their standing among the Guild is in question.

Political Nonsense
4. With the Jubilation celebration over and Summer in full swing, the Collective of Farm Guilds is throwing their weight around, and many of the non-collective guilds are considering retribution. 

5. The Hammers have a new commander! Redzik the Wise has retired to a country estate and now Ophelia Crownhammer (formerly of the North-central Branch) has the Gavel of Justice. Petrik and Asgud (Lieutenants inside Haven) are strong supporters, but the other three Lieutenants of luke-warm at best. Levin Gasoux now in charge of the North-central Branch is said to have had several public arguments with her.

6. A new deacon, Wendell Worthington, has been making a name for himself in Old Town among the nobles. The Church has suggested that his rhetoric of Divine Right is not in alignment with current doctrine, but his longstanding charitable works (with hearty donations from various noble houses) are highly valuable. Not all of the nobles houses agree with his statements

Weird Shit
7. A ship, tattered and beaten with no obvious crew is floating on the edge of the Dome, wandering in and out. No-one has taken it upon themselves to investigate.

8. A young woman was found dead near the Wall covered in inexplicable injuries some alchemists are calling "chem-burns". A nearby tower was reported to have been "taken over for a short while by  some sort of gang". The two incidents may be related, but without knowledge of the teen (a Jane Doe) and a lack of identification of the gang (well armed from one report) no more is known.

9. A rogue wizard has flooded a field in New Hope village after an apparent conflict with the elderly farmer who was offering him board at her farmhouse. Some claim this ties in with a well in Quail Point overflowing with rancid filth, but nothing has been confirmed. The wizard has since disappeared and his whereabouts are unknown. 

10. On two separate occasions, mysterious floating women in golden armor with flowing blue robes have whisked away the recently dead claiming to take them to "a better place". The Hammers are actively searching for more information, as one of their own was taken up. The Magistarium is turning a portion of their efforts on research as well. On both occasions the strangers disappeared in a flash of "wan green light that smelled of foreign spices".

Outside The Dome
11. A Storm Titan was seen on the horizon, surrounded by a pair of tornadoes. Wall Wardens report that the Titan looked right at them and even pointed before disappearing into the mountains northwest of the Derembel Forest and Trogdic Hills.

12. The Spiced Winds, smelling of clove, cinnamon, persimmon, and plum, have started. This good omen is though to be a sign that the year will be bountiful ... but on the farthest horizon those that watch the Endless Grey say the Bitter Storm is boiling with more lightning than usual - and great shadows have been seen dancing among the thunderheads.