Monday, July 25, 2016

Bloodbath Dungeon; Thanks for the Memories

I've decided that I'm going to start the Dawn of Eradu Campaign differently than most.  This isn't a new idea, but I'm going to see how it plays out.

Characters are going to start the game with some stats, some random gear, and a physical description. HP are equal to CON and damage is 1d4.  What they don't start with is any background, description of abilities, a character class, or a single memory of what happened, who they are, or what they are. Player knowledge of the Dungeon from previous expeditions or characters can be considered part of the zeitgeist of the Bloodbath Dungeon or weird Nursery Rhyme memories coming back.  Hand-wave that shit to let play actually progress.

As these pitiful characters attempt to navigate the unrelenting dangers of the what is known to those who have escaped as Bloodbath Dungeon, they can spend their experience points to try and recover memories.  In this way the the player and the other players can start to define the character, eventually the character getting a class and memories of what happened before.

Until a character escapes, though, they will continue to wander the halls of Bloodbath Dungeon - in constant terror and with extremely limited resources.  Also, not all memories are free of consequences, many come with a price.

When a character attempts to Recover Lost Memories by Using their Recent Experiences, Roll + XP spent.

Roll + XP Result
12+You regain 2 memories, one as 10+, one as 7-9
10+The GM will ask a question that you get to answer to recover a lost memory.  Gain a memory and move toward remembering more of who you are.
7 - 9The GM will ask another player a question about your character.  This may or may not be true, you may choose to declare it accurate. If the memory is less than flattering or creates a hindrance of some sort and you accept it, that player gains 1 XP.  If the memory is negative and you declare it false, you do not gain the memory and the GM may make a move.
6-You gain a memory, but it is a bad one. The GM will ask about something terrible with only terrible outcomes.  If you choose the memory to be true gain a memory, mark XP, and pick up a debility. If you choose the nightmare to be false, do not gain a memory and prepare for a nasty GM move.

When a character has at least 4 memories and attempts to Recover a Memory, Roll + XP Spent

Roll + XP Result
12+Tell the GM the class you'd like and you get it.  If it isn't available, the GM may let you look through the stack of available playbooks.  This is a very good result, so you'll get what you want.
10+The GM will hand you 6 character playbooks and you may choose one.  If you do not like these options regain a third of the XP spent (round appropriately) or gain a new memory as 10+ above.
7 - 9The GM will hand you 3 character playbooks and you may choose one. If you do not like these options regain gain a new memory as 7 - 9 above.
6-The GM will hand you 1 character playbook.  If you don't want that playbook, instead gain a bad memory as 6- above.

I haven't used this in play yet, but I expect it to create a very strong reaction among the players. Those characters that survive and make it out of the Dungeon can really dig into the Dawn of Eradu campaign ... Haven is nearby and welcomes all Lost Souls.

Has anyone run something like this?  Any advice/thoughts/comments?  I think the first session of Dawn of Eradu is going to be in 3 weeks or so.  I'll make a point to update.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Magic and Moves Monday, Round 3: Deadly Swamp Hut

Taking a cue from Scenic Dunnsmouth, an awesome module/construction kit for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, here are some moves that can be used anywhere.

When moving through the knee-deep water and approaching Uncle Ivanovik's hut, roll+WIS

Roll + IntResult
10+Choose 2
7 - 9Choose 1
6-Trigger submerged rusty bear trap and all the bad things 

The List of Choices
  • Trigger a submerged rusty bear trap but escape with 1d8 damage
  • Trigger a submerged rusty bear trap and get stuck but avoid damage
  • Trigger a submerged rusty bear trap and don't alert the ... what IS THAT??!

When climbing the rope that leads to the trap door in Uncle Ivanovik's hut, roll+DEX

Roll + IntResult
10+Choose 2
7 - 9Choose 1
6-Trigger a trap and all the bad things 

The List of Choices
  • Avoid the wheelbarrow load of bricks that cause 2B6+3 damage!
  • Manage to not immediately alert the guard hounds
  • catch a glimpse of the other rope

When climbing the other rope up the trees to Uncle Ivanovik's hut, roll+CON

Roll + IntResult
10+Choose both
7 - 9Choose 1
6-This isn't going to go well 

The List of Choices
  • Make it up the trees and don't fall, which would cause 1d8 damage
  • Resist the toxin of the poisoned spines jammed into the rope (also 1d8 damage)
  • Avoid the Swamp Vulture that nests up here

Friday, July 15, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 6

I don't have any specific plans for these critters yet, but this is a fun project.

More Monsters? Fuck Yea!

Kitin Hordling Tags: Fey,  terrifying
Type: Consuming Urchin Organization: Small Group (Large)
Description: insectile, Nonchalant Instinct: to steal
HP: 8
Armor: 1
Attack: Chaotic touch ( d8+1 )
 close, reach
  summon minions
  Seduce with the promise of power
  resist and reflect elemental damage
Known For:
  Stealing trinkets

Legend says the Kitin have an endless horde that will swarm from the Autumn King's garden when the Winter Queen seduces him.  It hasn't happened yet, thank goodness.  Kitin are insectile things the size of small dogs.  They offer a strange secretion from their mouths that can offer tremendous power to those who injest it (the Autumn Princess is known to be addicted).  Of course, they tend to instead gently touch the fools who approach and let the Chaos of the Patchwork disrupt the victim's flesh and bone.  They can call more of their kind through high pitches yowling that sounds like children screaming.

Enshrouded Lasher Tags: Beast
Type: Enshrouded Lasher Organization: Solitary (Medium)
Description: Blossoms and spore pods, forceful Instinct: to serve
HP: 12
Armor: 0
Attack: Acidic lashes ( d10 )
  Jump to the throat
  unleash a deafening bellow
Known For:
  Never stopping once it has a scent

Enshrouded lashers are plant-like creatures that tend to sit motionless amidst low scrubby brush, lettering their flower-like sensory organs flow in the breeze and their spores reach out to smell and taste everything in about a mile.  As long as they don't move, they are nearly invisible except to the trained eye. They attack with tendrils that secrete an acidic compound that not only damages characters, but also destroys equipment like nobody's business.  If the lasher can be subdued, it can be tamed like a wild dog, in which case they can become incredibly loyal and vicious pets.

Jinrun Tags: Planar
Type: Wretched Cenobite Organization: Small Group (Medium)
Description: Fractured, Immaculate Instinct: to end the world
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Spines ( d8 )
  Change form
  offer a deal with horrible consequences
Known For:

The Jinrun are described as a vaguely porcupine-like humanoid, but with too many joints in too many arms and legs.  Under those infinite spines they appear to have been geometrically disassembled and put back together with the "useless" bits removed. They are from one of the more violent and wicked outer planes.  They can change their form to blend in for an hour or so, and do so to offer deals that will eventually lead to the end of the world, likely through some sort of large scale interdimensional planar conjunction.  Why do they want to end the world? Those who have had dealings with the Jinrun say it "feels like revenge".

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-4): Location Questions

In true Dungeon World Spirit, here are some questions to help find out more about what is going on through actual play.  This should be interesting ...

Odin's Spear
  • Why is this place called Safety Tunnel City by the locals?
  • How sunk is the city, exactly?
  • Who is in charge?
  • Who is really in charge?
  • What exactly is the Juk Engine doing to folks?
  • What does the rebellion look like?
  • Do they have a chance?

 Levitolith Lair

  • The Levitolith are non-human - what do they look like? 
  • What kind of Patchwork thing infected them?
  • How much of the Ship is left?
  • How far does the complex go/what other places does it touch?
  • What kind of technology do they use?
  • How doe they communicate?
  • What other troubles do they have?

Aestherial Tear
  • What is that thing sticking out of the tear?
  • What caused the tear in the first place?
  • What is lurking nearby?
  • How does long-term exposure to unfettered aetherial energy affect the landscape?
  • Is the tear growing or shrinking?
  • How dangerous is it in the region of the aestherial this opens into?
  • What kind of Sorcerer will eventually track this place down?

Deserted Farm
  • Why doe the Hollow Farmers not see this place?
  • Just how dangerous is the auroch?
  • Why do the goats follow you around so closely?
  • Is anyone home?
  • What is in the big pot over the still-warm cooking fire?
  • What do you see/hear when you look down the well in the cellar?
  • The wizard looks uncomfortable. Do you feel uncomfortable?

Crypt of Doom
The Crypt is going to get a post of its own and likely written up a bit more.  Of course, this will be AFTER my players get around to exploring because, frankly, what kind of adventurer hears "don't go in there!  There is a terrible monster!" and doesn't immediately think "Fuck that guy - I smell mad loot and sweet glory for wasting some crusty demon!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dungeon Faction Relationships

A really good dungeon, at least the larger ones, needs factions.  Folks have been posting about this for quite some time and I tend to agree with them. Factions set up play opportunities that are far more interesting than a simple dungeon crawl hacking everything in sight.  The interaction of dungeon factions leads to conflict that the players can get engaged in, exploit, ally with, cause trouble, or just plain fuck up when they cause enough problems that the factions throw aside their personal hatred and team up to kick the shit out the party.

This post is about the relationship among factions.  Creating factions is another subject entirely that I'm not going to get into - that tends to be quite specific to the GM and their game (style or mechanics). This table assumes for the most part that the relationships are not particularly pleasant and with a little push erupt into conflict and violence.

To start, make a matrix and roll 2d6 for each faction pair on the top half of the matrix.  Don't worry about the modifiers just yet - they come into play in the second set of rolling.  For this example, I've got 3 factions - The Almera, Betoin, and Capro - these don't mean anything yet - I want to get some relationships set up before deciding more details, so I'll roll up how:
  1. The Almera feels about the Betoin
  2. The Almera feels about the Capro
  3. The Betoin feels about the Capro
The Relationship Table
0 - 3
 4 - 5
6 - 7
8 - 9
 10 - 11 
 12 - 14

The results so far:



Honestly you could leave it like that, but a second round of rolling adds some complexity. Now roll for the relationship the Other Way. Roll 2d6 and add the modifier based on the initial relationship. For this example that means:

  1. The Betoin feels about the Almera, modified by how the Almera feels about the Betoin
  2. The Capro feels about the Almera, modified by how the Almera feels about the Capro
  3. The Capro feels about the Betoin , modified by how the Betoin feels about the Capro

Letting the dice fall where they may we end up the the following relationship matrix:

So lets put some results together:

The Betoin-Capro Relationship
These factions have a tenuous peace ... for now.

The Almera-Capro Relationship
These two factions are completely hostile to each other and engaged in all out conflict.  This likely stems from the fact that Capro have a long standing hatred of the Almera because of an act nearly forgotten known as "The Reaping".  This is setting up the Almera as the assholes of the dungeon.

The Almera-Betoin Relationship
For whatever reason, the Betoin believe they are allied with the Almera faction, but in secret the Almera faction is increbily hostile toward the Betoin.  This could be because of their peace with the Capro or, more like as I'm painting tham as the assholes of the dungeon, they are faking their alliance with the Betoin faction until such time that they are weakened, in which case the Betoin are going to get royally screwed over.

With 6 rolls and some thinking, we've got a nice bit of complexity that the players can walk into.  We can spice things up by adding some details with another random chart or two. Roll for things as you see fit.  I used a bunch of ideas from this blog post for inspiration and direct looting.

Faction Internal Relationship Details (d8)

  1. Are all in agreement under the leader
  2. Fear their leader
  3. A sub-faction wants to take over
  4. Many are unwillingly controlled by magic
  5. Are just trying to survive
  6. Just want to get out of here (to leave, to get to another area of the dungeon, etc.)
  7. Mutiny is at hand ... one little thing will set it off
  8. Are all of one mind under their prophet / god / ancient doctrine / programming

Neutral Ideas (d8)
  1. These folks know about a secret passage through the other's zone
  2. Really want a relic of some sort owned by the others
  3. These factions shares a resource (food, mining, magic, etc.)
  4. One faction knows a secret about the other ... a dangerous secret
  5. These two factions compete for the favor of a third faction / god / outside force
  6. One faction was the cause of the other being here
  7. One faction is actually frightened of the other, but would never admit it
  8. The two factions are recently in a non-conflict situation thanks to ?

Decidedly Non-Friendly Situations (d8)
  1. One faction captured the other's leader or important member
  2. These folks prey upon (for sacrifices, sport, or to eat) the other faction
  3. One faction stole the other factions magic and (un)holy whatnot
  4. Straight up competing for resources, like food or access
  5. One faction is currently or was previously the slaves of the other
  6. Some sort of misunderstanding
  7. A prophecy or message from their god said kill those other bastards
  8. One group controls access to a hidden area the other doesn't even know about

Monday, July 11, 2016

Magic and Moves Monday, Round 2: Grod's Mask

Grod was an adventurer that spent quite a bit of time near the Kingdom of Lydos, and as such had several trinkets and treasures that he brought back.  One, however, stood out and has been repeatedly stolen and fought over for bloody ages.

Grod's Mask is a porcelain mask of a cat's face.  It is simple white with a bit of age and a few small cracks; it ties on with a black ribbon. If worn during the day, nothing happens.

When you put on Grod's Mask at night, roll+DEX.
Roll + IntResult
7 - 9Chose 1 or Choose 2 and the GM adds a complication
6-The GM will be taking over your character as an NPC for a bit ...

The List of Choices
  • Gain night vision
  • Gain the ability to move silently
  • Always land on your feet
  • Gain +1 forward for any DEX rolls related to cat-like reflexes to avoid things
  • Run very quickly for a moment, but only for an initial strike on prey
When dawn arrives or the mask is removed, the mask grants no more abilities until the next night falls. If the GM takes control of the character, they go on either a killing spree of some sort (cat and mouse games for pleasure) or simply make themselves inconvenient or inaccessible (sleep on another character's gear or napping high in a tree) - the choice will be based on the GM's interpretation of character's personality.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 5

On this week's installment: an NPC the party will most likely be at odds with, a look into the terrible world of the the four Faerie Courts, and a strange race of humanoids.

Logan Kelplitan Tags: Fey
Type: Cadaverous Cleaver Organization: Unique (Small)
Description: Aggressive, Hateful Instinct: to adventure or die trying
HP: 14
Armor: 2
Attack: Enchanted Cleaver ( d10 )
 close, Hold at bay
  Grant a favor at a terrible price
  Turn into an intangible form
Known For:
  Being a dick

This small faerie has skin like the gnarled bark of an ancient oak.  Logan is looking for adventure and excitement and the lack of it, plus what he has uncovered about the nature of Eradu, has filled him with a seething rage. As fey Logan can and will grant favors to those who encounter and ask, but he usually finds such things to be petty and will twist them to get some adventure and excitement for himself out of the deal.  Logan is an asshole.  If attacked, Logan defends himself with a nasty cleaver.

Cledricap Tags: Fey
Type: Hooded Ingenue Organization: Small Group (Medium)
Description: Wads of tissue, Furious Instinct: to roll in dirt
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Flames ( d8 )
  throw something
  melt away deception
  Channel promythean energy
Known For:
  Being adorable and disgusting at the same time

Clerdricap are a creature of the fey that resemble kittens made of wads of used silk.  They are energetic and furiously roll about on the ground and rub against those that approach.  But they are not pets.  The Queens have bred cledricap for centuries because of a strange property - if eaten alive (which causes much screaming from the cute creatures) they will cause the devourer to be unable to deceive in any way.  The cledricap, while found in the wild, are most often forced into the mouths of those foolish enough to visit one of the Four Courts.  If enraged enough, the cledricap can cause the power of earth and stone as a promythean mage to burn enemies, but only if they are on the ground.  Once lifted up they are harmless.

Hunters of Clan Bew Tags: Humanoid, Organized
Type: Verminated Ichthyte Organization: Solitary (Medium)
Description: exposed muscle, Talkative Instinct: to undermine the established order
HP: 12
Armor: 1
Attack: Bow ( d10 )
 close, Hold at bay
  Rally troops with a harsh cry
  Devour a soul to become more powerful
  bring forth light
Known For:
  Half damage from edged weapons

Their lack of skin would seem to be a detriment, but the Hunters can flex each individual muscle fiber, allowing them the ability to run through the Thorn Forest easily and avoid damage from edges weapons.  While the home of Clan Bew is not known, the Hunters are - and they seek to devour the souls of their prey, which are intelligent folk and especially adventurers.  Not necessarily aggressive or even hostile, Hunters can be spoken to - they are said to hunt a single prey they is given to them in a dream from Featherless God Helbrart.  The Hunters are expert marksmen and have the ability to breath under water for a few hours be eating (?) the strange plump lice that crawl constantly over their bodies.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-3)

Two more Areas for the Fledron Wastes Region.  Before continuing, I know that the Tags are an important shorthand in Dungeon World, but they are really bumming me out.  I'm going to drop them from locations and start using them without regard to rules for the Areas - I'll let descriptions and overviews take care of business.  I switched some things around from the original rolls because they are guidelines, not laws. 

Area: Skull Fields
Overview:This area was once rich farmland with numerous farms and small communities dotting the landscape.  Now it is ruined and littered with bones of men, cattle, and things from Other Worlds. Ghouls  roam this area scraping by feeding on old bones and the rare bit of flesh they can catch - these are the Hollow Farmers.  As individuals they cannot be parleyed with, but oddly as a collective group they can be communicated with.

When you have leverage on a Group of Hollow Farmers and manipulate them, roll+Cha:

  • On a 12+, you can get them to generally do something you want, but they are barely intelligent undead scavengers, so don't over-complicate things.
  • On a 10+, you receive the Hollow Mark and the Hollow Farmers will ignore you and your companions while in the Skull Fields
  • On a 7–9, they are riled up and not convinced of whatever you are saying - put up or shut up and it better be good
  • On a 6-, Mark XP and get ready to deal with an angry mob that may revert to their ghoulish nature in a heartbeat

Location - Deserted Farm       
Overview: In the midst of the destruction is one farm that is weather-worn but standing.  Short rugged grasses grow behind a wire fence.  A lone bull auroch grazes here on the top of a hill, watching over everything.  In addition, numerous goats graze and prance about.  The Hollow Farmers, if there are any nearby, simply do not seem to see this place at all.  Why is that?

Location - Oddity: Aestherial Tear
Overview: There is an ugly tear in the fabric of reality here.  A gaping wound in reality that a man riding an auroch could easily pass though.  Tendrils of energy seep out and there may be something peering through the gap.  The bones of some otherworldly thing reach through the portal, long dead, but keeping the tear from closing.  This area is terrible dangerous as ANYTHING could be lurking nearby.  Of course, it is also a portal to the Aestrerial, those brave enough to venture forth may be able to get anywhere in the Cosmos...

Area: Ruins of Pel
Overview: Pel was an industrial powerhouse run by early alien technology blended with the deepest arcane sorcery.  Now it is an endless pile of rubble haunted by disturbed spirits and restless dead, prowled by trolls, and home to a band of savages said to be the degenerate descendants of the Calixico Culrpashun.  The Ruins are perilous at best and downright deadly if being tracked.  However, it is said there is some mighty fine ancient loot to be found that in the hands of the right adventurer could bring power and riches.  Of course there is.  It probably isn't that bad, right?

Location - Crypt of Doom
Overview: Pel was a theocratic city and as such the Minitsty of True Morality was at the center.  The building still stands - having been obviously repaired and maintained by crude methods of the years.  Under the Ministry was the Crypt of Revered Souls, now known to the local savages as the Crypt of Doom.  Something lives down there.  Something terrible.  No good will come of poking your nose into a place where none have gone and returned.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Magic and Moves Monday, Round 1 - Heart of Scions

Since I've got a adventure locations and monsters showing up regularly, I thought I'd thrown down some custom moves and magic items and the like as well.  So, without more ado, Magic and Move Monday, Part 1.  Also, Happy 4th of July.

The Heart of Scions
The cults of Scions are varied, but they all believe in the god Scions who has creating things that will always be beyond understanding.  Scions has littered Eradu with knowledge and artifacts that if those who are clever and can recite the True Cant of Knowledge, his blessed Tetrahedral will descend from the Cosine Sky to provide Dihoximate Propeline Wishes to his most faithful servants.

There are a few examples that are known as the Heart of Scions.  Their whole forms are never seen, for they are emerge from the earth to reveal only their Cone of Praise - a perfect Parabolala in Tres Dimensiones y de Titanio.  There is magical portal in the side that shows a number that counts down slowly toward 0, a day at which will Calibrate the Burst Rate of Krystial Lite Reformation and usher in a new era.  As each micromoment ticks away, there is a low thrum from the Heart, which becomes louder and more powerful as the Count approaches Judgement.

When a character mucks about with the control mechanisms of the Heart of Scions, Roll + INT:
Roll + IntResult
10+Choose 1, but choose wisely
7 - 9This is taking longer than expected: roll again but with -1 forward or allow the GM to complicate matters
6-Roll 1d6 and use that choice plus any complications or moves the GM feels is appropriate.  You can mark XP, but it may not make a difference.

1The Heart of Scions immediately explodes fully delivering the payload.  Everything within 1 mile is utterly destroyed and everything within 3 miles is damaged on will become Wasteland.
2The Count speeds up - dramatically.  You may have only moments to escape certain destruction.  What do you do?!
3The count is paused ... but for how long?  It could restart at any moment.
4The Count is reset to 365 days ... and counting down.
5A Key Component has been removed, disabling the Heart until it is replaced.
6The Heart is permanently disable. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Magic-Users in Dawn of Eradu

Some of this is a bit of rehash from the previous campaigns I've run - magic users are not particularly well liked because they are all dangerous.  Some of it is new and will help define the custom playbooks I eventually put together.  This is more to set a tone and establish some language.

These folks are born into the arcane through blood.  Not necessarily the blood of their family, but some other strange source that gives them a direct connection.  They develop their personal gifts through whatever strange ritual and method they can work out for themselves.  While they may have brothers, they are all alone in the world.  Many don't make it past their first spell as they try something more than their fragile mortal minds can handle and the raw power of the Patchwork rips their sanity to shreds or a Thing from the Otherworld steps through and does something unspeakable to their flesh and bone.

More limited in scope, wizards learn their powers through the study of ancient tomes filled with esoteric knowledge.  They don't have the raw ability of the Mage, but don't mistake them for weak. With the right incantations the Wizard can tear a hole in reality and turn his enemies bones to steam. What the wizard lacks in flexibility they make up for in stability.  Of course they all go mad eventually as the Patchwork worms its way into their brains - it is a fate that all wizards know is their destiny.

Where mages tap into their natural conduit to the Patchwork Kingdom and wizards learn and devise new spells, Sorcerers engage in the darkest of rituals to summon things from the Patchwork, from the Void Between Space, or who knows what else.  They were likely mad before they went down this path and whatever darkness is tainting their soul only invites them to travel faster.  The sorcerer is the bane to what little society exists - they wish only to enslave, destroy, hoard ancient secrets, or continue their "Great Work".

How Scions Fits In
Mages find things of Scions to be absurd and have little interest in them. Wizards understand that Scions has created artifacts with a kind of magic they are working to understand as well.  Many sorcerers embrace the Gifts Scions - in fact some are almost entirely devoted to this path and have only a drop of arcane ability.

What About Society?
Mages and Wizards are tolerated in Haven as long as they don't throw around any spells. Outside of Haven who can say - would an isolated village understand the difference between a mage and sorcerer?  They both have a darkness in their eyes.  A wizard and sorcerer may look the same if they are kitted out with strange devices.  No sane man will interact with a sorcerer if at all possible, but if they will work with one of the PC arcanists is best determined through play ... chances are it will go badly though.  Anyone who can accidentally summon a demon is usually not particularly welcome.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 4

These are the three Levitolith that inhabit the Feldron Wastes.  Mostly found in their complex, they can sometimes be found wandering adjacent areas and locations.  Before the patchwork "situation" they were semi-militant, non-humanoid aliens on a mission of exploration ... now they just want to go home, but cannot, which makes them grouchy and unpredictable.  Because they are recent hybrids, they don't have a culture that is more then a few generations old.

Levitolith Brute Tags: Alien-Patchwork
Type: Hooded Mistake Organization: Small Group (Large)
Description: Reptilian, Nonchalant Instinct: to devour
HP: 8
Armor: 3
Attack: Bite and Punch ( d8+1 )
 close, reach
  swallow a man whole
  Eat every part of its prey
  cast almost the right spell
Known For:

The brutes were elite soldiers before the infestation and now are creature of pure war.  Their skin is thick and spiked like that of a crocodile and they can distend their slavering jaws to swallow a man whole.  A few have some traces of the arcane in their patchwork blood and as such can cast feeble misdirected and wildly corrupted spells.  They follow the orders of the Explorers and Commanders.

Levitolith Explorers Tags: Alien-Patchwork
Type: Verminated Sangromancer Organization: Group (Medium)
Description: thick bristles, well-spoken Instinct: to mutilate
HP: 6
Armor: 0
Attack: Digestive acids ( d8 )
  strike from darkness
  take a captive
  Manipulate (hot) winds and desert storms
Known For:

Explorers cover both the soldier and the diplomat position within Levitolith "society"  They are inherently cruel things - the Patchwork blood being that of some sort of great fly-like creature.  The levitoloth explorers are also responsible for the current barren state of the Feldron - it was their combined "desert" magic that stripped life away.  They are also responsible for the Juk Engine and numerous other combined arcintecho devices.

Levitolith Commander Tags: Alien-Patchwork
Type: Croatoan Torturer Organization: Unique (Small)
Description: Scaled, egosit/arrogant Instinct: to command
HP: 14
Armor: 1
Attack: Crushing vines ( d10 )
  Jump out and bite
  Dissolve flesh, metal and wood
  Die in a burst of blinding light, to be reborn
Known For:
  Rapid Regeneration

The little bastard is quick and has some sort of plant-based exoskeleton that it uses to get around.  The commander has goals and aims - plans within plans - and they all center around getting "Home" to a place that he nor any other have been, a place Between the Stars.  The patchwork made an already paranoid violently mad, and he has a small army at his disposal.  Rumor says he can't be killed by conventional means.