Monday, January 18, 2016

End of a Campaign

I haven't posted in months because I've been working on the BXDH Rules (more on that in a few posts I suspect) and because I've been preparing to run what I was hoping to be the Most Epic game of my GM career.

The Worldgod Campaign spanned 8 years and 4 game systems.  Dozens of characters died.  Numerous players came and went.  In the end, though, the four players that were there for the majority of the campaign were there for the final session.

Here are some pictures from the final battle.

The World God Revealed In His Prison

The Fog Clears for a Moment

The World God Reborn

Clarity Does Not Bring Comfort

The Final Blow: Yurg Backstabs a God with a Critical Hit

It was a sublime game. Highlights from the end:

  • The World God was slain
  • Unfortunately Eradu was destroyed in the process
  • Sigil was saved as the Altrudian army was wiped out
  • The PCs are Knights of Sigil and report only to the Lady of Pain