Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Electric Troikaland

I'm going to smash together Electric Bastionland and Troika! and a little bit of PbtA into a new system. Why? Why not? SHould make for one hell of a one-shot.

Part 1: Your Class
  • Roll 2d6: 1 for loose change, one for Vitality (will be used for EBL stuff)
  • Roll 2 Troika! classes
  • Roll 2 EBL failed careers
  • Choose 1 from each
  • Mash them together to form a sweet concept
  • Write down the gear and skills
Part 2: Stats
There are 4 stats. For 1 of them, roll 1d6+12. For another roll 2d6+6. For the other 2 roll 3d6. Write them down and figure out the -3 to +3 modifiers (BX D&D style).
  • Aggro – Physical stuff, brawling, being tough
  • Swift – Agility stuff, running fast, sleight of hand
  • Cool – Social stuff, tricking people, being accepted
  • Luck – Other stuff, Saving Throws, can be used for anyhting*
If your Vitality is less than 3, make it 3.

How to Do Stuff
  • Roll 2d6 + a stat
  • 13+: Critical Success
  • 10-12: Total Success
  • 7-9: Partial Success or Total Success with a Cost
  • 6-: Consequences
Are you skilled in something? If so, you can reroll a Test up to a number of times equal to the skill rank. A re-roll cannot result in a critical success. Mark off your use of the reroll.

Luck? You can CHOOSE to use Luck instead of Aggro, Swift, or Cool. If you choose to do so, reduce Luck by 1 point after the Test (success or failure). If the GM tells you to make a Luck Test, you do not need to reduce the score.

Any kind - not just swords and fists.

When you try and harm someone (physical, social, mental, whatever), roll like usual.
  • Critical success = you do 2 damage to your opponent
  • Success = You do 1 damage
  • Partial Success = You do 1 damage and opponent does damage (usually 1) to you
  • Failure = You take damage (usually 1). ouch.
  • If you have good stance/weapon/blackmail/whatever, +1 to damage
  • Damage is removed from Vitality
  • At 0 Vitality, a character is defeated
  • instead of dropping to 0 vitality, you can instead lose 1 point from the attribute you rolled

At 0 Vitality you are out of the action and defeated. In a particularly deadly situation this could mean death, but it rarely does. Killing folks is really rude. Even monsters will just send you home with your tail between your legs. Bandits will probably just steal all your stuff. In social conflicts this might mean you are humiliated.

If you have armor, it can take damage instead of you, but it is situational. Any item can be armor under the right circumstances. That blackmail you were using as leverage, it takes the damage instead of you and it turns out to be not as damaging as you thought. Oops. Heavy armor absorbs 2 hits instead of 1.

When you have some down time, you can do one of the following
If at 0 Vitality, you MUST recover 1d6 Vitality (up to the max)
Otherwise you may do one of the following:
  • Recover 1d6 Vitality (up to the max)
  • Recover 1d3 attribute points (up to the max)
  • Recover 1d3 skill points (up to the max)
  • Test to get rid of an unfortunate condition (like a broken arm, a hex, or shame)
  • When you take downtime, the Action Moves Forward without you … so choose wisely.
How Magic Works
More or less like like everything else
  • A partial success causes the ability score to drop by 1 point or a less effective spell
  • A failure instead causes damage, based on the spell. 
  • You can roll on the “Oops” table instead

Use the spells and skills from Troika! Use everything from EBL and Troika! Make shit AMAZING.

Done. I'll let you know if we do this and how awesome it.

Class: Lonesome Monarch OR Fellow of the Peerage of Porters
Career: Rook Tamer or Alpha Tester
I'm choosing Lonesome Monarch  + Alpha Tester

Lord Pesterly Union (Mr. Union)                                                        
It was just one more season of war! We went through the portal. Now nobody knows who I am. I AM NOBILITY YOU SCUM. I wish my coins were worth something here. I took up with the first guilder who would assist me - but somehow I'd been tricked into pushing buttons and flipping switches. I ate terrible things and suffered numerous indignities. Now I'm off on my own! BOW BEFORE ME!

Aggro: 9 (+0) [3d6]
Swift: 14 (+1) [3d6]
Cool: 16 (+2) [2d6+6]
Luck: 16 (+2) [1d6+12]

Etiquette OOO
Halberd Fighting OOO
Ride Horse OOO
Tracking O

My Stuff
Nice weapon (ornate, but slightly worn halberd)
Crown made of tin and dragon spittle
A sad horse who is slow and stupid [Curt]
Telescopic Rod
Protective Armor vs explosions (heavy)
Temperance Band [refuse a need, will all catch up if i remove the band]

Worst Thing that happened to me
I've lost an eye to a toy mouse that was trained to fetch grapes. I loathe mice. I fucking despise grapes.