Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Shout Out to Awesome

This guy has an amazing G+ feed - one of the most inspiring I've run across in ages.  Not sure how, just yet, but so many of these are begging to be the seed for adventure locations in the Dawn of Eradu. I'm also going to use these, which are freaking awesome.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Random Creatures [DoE]

I grabbed information from Lusus Naturae, all the creatures in Dungeon World, info from Perilous Wilds, a bunch of notes from Inkwell ideas, and a handful of my own stuff and jammed it all into Tablesmith.  Incidentally Tablesmith 5.2 is available for those using Windows 10.  I can't seem to find the link now, but i found it once (can anyone track it down)?

Below are a few examples of creatures that the table has created for Dungeon World - they require some imagination to bring to fruition, but they are a hellagood start for populating an entire world!  If anyone is interested in the Tablesmith files let me know.

CheshireTags: Fey
Type: Unholy AssassinOrganisation: Solitary (Medium)
Description: Serrated teeth, CheerfulInstinct: to act proudly
HP: 12
Armor: 0
Attack: memories of anguish
d10, close
  inflict a wretched disease
  Inject one of three poisons
  terrify with visions of hatred

First up we have a creature of the fey - these solitary man-sized creatures are also known as cheshires.  They have a vaguely feline appearance and are most often found leaning proudly against trees in the woodlands, their faces split with an unearthly smile waiting for their target.  Targets are chosen by The Alice, one of the Rogue Queens of the Seasonal Wars, for reasons that are often opaque if not specifically unreasonable.  When not on a mission they tend to hunt for fun.

In combat, the cheshire has an uncanny ability to whisper memories that have causes the target pain and intensify it to excruciating.  The more resilient can be infected with a withering disease from their bite and a jab from a needleblade coated in strange fey poisons. If facing overwhelming odds crowds can be controlled by exaggerated visions of their own hatred.

Praying Man of DeshTags: Patchwork
Type: Blasphemous ImpalerOrganisation: Small Group (Medium)
Description: Cloaked, TalkativeInstinct: to serve as a mentor
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Talons
d8, close, hold at bay
  disarm a foe
  Be healed by earth magic
  retreat and regroup
Known For:
  Immune to electricity

At first glance these creatures can be mistaken for a cloaked man bent on the floor; their incessant "talking" creates the illusion of a group of penitents praying. There are many pilgrims and dervishes in the Desh, so the sight is not unheard of.  However the helpful soul who approaches this patchwork are prone to the wicked long talons.  The talons do more than inflict damage - they can also keep foes at a distance or knock weapons away.  For all the violence, however, these creatures seem to be looking for someone.  From time to time the Men of Desh change their tone and behavior entirely and focus on their protege, in which case the target has a group of incredibly loyal protectors.

Auraranae Tags: Beast
Type: Shambling CleaverOrganisation: Small Group (Large)
Description: Eight legs, overbearingInstinct: to pursue
HP: 8
Armor: 1
Attack: Proboscis
d8+1, close, reach
  demand tribute
  Show off with ruby underbelly
  Master the power of water
  Cast a water magic spell

In a nutshell, hulking large water spiders that will stop at nothing to get what they want.  If these shambling beasts are not appeased (most want silver, some want meat, others virgins, and so on) they often swarm and attack with their cleaving proboscis (which replace what would normally be spider fangs); limbs are lopped off more often than not.  If the Auraranae corner a foe they will often flash their glistening ruby underbelly which has enthralled more than one foe.  Once enthralled, the target will bring the Auraranae their desired tribute.  Anyone wandering into their watery domain within the inky shores of Lake Oplordan is in for a terrible evening...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sorcerers [DoE]

What they Want
The wilds of Eradu are a terrible place for numerous reasons, but Sorcerers are some of the worst of all.  Let's figure out what they want - roll 1d12:

1 Solitude
2 to Destroy
3 to Enslave
4 World Domination
5 Power
6 Unknowable Knowledge
7 to Party
8 to Create Abominations
9 Collect
10 an Otherworldy Patron
11 to Devour
12 a Specific Relic

Influence of Scions
50% of Sorcerers have some sort of pact with the Lord of Scions.  For those that do, roll 1d10p x 5 to determine what percentage of the sorcerer's weirdness is Scions - the rest is wizardry and Patchwork freakishness.

1 Mental Enhancement
2 Bloody Violent Melee
3 Ranged Super Destruction
4 Incredible Articulation
5 Inhuman Prowess
6 Forbidden Knowledge
7 Strange Locomotion
8 Otherworldly Link
9 Complex Domination
10 Transmographic Brilliance
11 Multi-planar Sight
12 Universal Toolkit

Arcane Path
Roll for it!

1 Winter Mage
2 Promythean Mage
3 Skyward Mage
4 Dusk Mage
5-6 Mind Wizard
7-8 Death Sorcerer
9 Fleshcraefter
10 Beastmaster
11 Necromancer
12 Nullmage

A sorcerer has to have minions.  Roll 1d6

1-3 roll 3 random monster encounters and adjust to make them minions
4-5 roll 4 random monster encounters and smash them together to create 2 weird hybrid minions
6 roll 1 random encounter and enhance the crap out of it based on the sorcerer's path and/or Scions influence