Wednesday, April 29, 2020

New Cover Art

The updated wrap-around cover for Sorrow in Haven (Revised Edition)

I expect the new draft will be ready for player-driven testing and proofing (those folks are BRUTAL) by the end of May, which  is behind schedule, but we can't sit down anyway so I'm not worried abotu it :)

Property Rules
Haven is a packed, overcrowded place, but PCs can get their hands on property. The monthly cost to rest is based on the location (social class) and size of property (based on a tiered scale). Size is abstracted into "units" of 10' x 10' spaces. For property larger than 15 units in size, the price of additional units increases, and the price increases again at 26 or more.

 Class  Tier 1 (1-15 units)  Tier 2 (16-25 units)  Tier 3 (26+ units) 

Some examples:
  • A 9 unit property in a lower class district would cost: [9 x 3] 27 groats per month
  • A 17 unit property in a middle class district would cost: [(15 x 8) + (2 x 30)] 180 groats per month
  • A 28 unit property in a high class district would cost: [(15 x 25) + (10 x 125) + (3 x 625)] 3500 groats per month

Each Unit is a dedicated space. Some examples:
  • Personal Rooms: enough space for 2 people to have their own small rooms.
  • Barracks: up to 6 people can bunk in this space, cramped but functional.
  • Collection: libraries and laboratories require one unit per 200g of value.
  • Display Area: merchants need to be able to display their goods and folks to walk around
  • Storage Room: for areas packed with goods or materials
  • Common Area: open space with tables, enough for space for about 10 people
  • Prep Areas: such as a bar or kitchen, can handle up to 2 seating areas
  • Base Improvements: Base improvements (page 113), such as a Darks Chamber, may require additional units.

To outright purchase a property is the monthly cost x 100 (for low class), 150 (middle class), or 200 (for upper class). Then on top of that are monthly maintenance fees of 10% of the original monthly cost.

For those 3 properties mentioned above:
  • 9-unit lower class: purchase for 2700, monthly maintenance cost of 3g
  • 17-unit middle class: purchase for 27000, monthly maintenance of 18g
  • 28-unit upper class: purchase for 700000, monthly maintenance of 350g

Side Note: 33% of a character's monthly Lifestyle cost can be applied directly to property expenses.

So ... why do this?
It seems like some fiddly nonsense. However, more than one player over the years has started a money-making scheme, needed a base of operations, or any manner of thing where some rules for property became important. They aren't necessary and have little bearing on reality (but do work out nicely with the lifestyle costs.

Lets say you've got a crew of 3 adventurers who are "working class" lifestyle. That totals to 75g/month, of which 25 is considered to be applied to property. They could rent, for "free" any property that costs 25g or less each month. An 8-unit lower class property (definitely a bar with rooms), a 4-unit middle class place (an apartment with some storage space), or 1-unit upper class joint (a cramped barracks).

Fine. But WTF does that have to do with the Cover Art?
Nothing. But this does...

Escian Queen's Gimp 
Threat 6 - Large Neutral Filth (Human Intelligence); Demeanor: Hateful; Ferocity: Unrelenting
Encounter 1 wandering, 1d3 stocked; (never in lair)
 Init: +2    Attack: +3    Speed: 8    Damage: 3d4    Heavy Spear   
 Defense:+2   DR: 3    KO: +10    END: 32    VIT: 26   
Description: Escian giant-kin that have been bound to serve their Queen without question. They love her and hate everything else. Their armor is permanent and welded shut. Their massive spears cause opponents to stagger (each 4 rolled for damage is instead 1 damage but the target is stunned for 1d6 segemnts).

Escian Queen
Threat 12 - Giant Evil Fey (Brilliant Intelligence); Demeanor: Manipulative; Ferocity: Dangerous
Encounter never wandering, 1 stocked; (always in lair)
 Init: +4 Attack: +10    Speed: 8    Damage: 3d4+2    Pummeling Fist   
 Defense:+4   DR: 2    KO: +8    END: 174    VIT: 183   
Description: the giant witch-queens have the powers and advances of a 6th level wizard including 4 cynosure. They are incredibly rare to encounter, but their influence is likely felt by folk long before they know what is happening. They are outcasts of the Autumn Court and wish to gain power to destroy the Autumn Court. 4 Queens are known to still be living, and another 3 rumored to still hold sway. The Queens Yrio and Hesphetia are dead, but the other Queens still speak of them as though they are still in power.They rarely leave their throne rooms, but when they do they move without making a noise or leaving a trail. If forced into physical combat, a critical or legendary strike with their fist does an additional 1d10 damage.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

New Logo

Going for that old school pulp scifi / fantasy vibe ... The revised edition is on the way!

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Art for Sorrow in Haven

The editing is in full swing and the new illustrations are almost done. Here are a few for you to enjoy!

A templar bringing down divine wrath upon the undead hoard.

A wizard with her familiar.

The five traditions of magic and their their connections to each other