Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sorrow, BXDH, and now Shadowrunners + Bloodbath Dungeon!

Sorrow text blocks are at the printer. Exciting!

Of course I've been thinking about wizards and how fast they can cast spells. Thinking of adding something to let them cast faster ... maybe an Advance?

Faster Casting: Dice from Pact of Blood can be used to reduce the casting time of a spell, max 1 per level, minimum speed of 10.

Faster Casting II: same but no limit on dice, minimum speed of 5.

Perhaps this is the start of the first supplement with a few new rules for each class. fun!

Monster books haven't moved forward much - they are a lot of work and I have plenty going on.


BXDH is still rocking, 2 games every other week. Current campaign is major exploration (XP for exploring hexes and finding locations). First big dungeon crawl is set for tonight. Can't wait to see how violently this plays out.

I need to spend some time reviewing the rules document and then make a few books for folks. I might split it into multiple volumes to make printing and construction easier - because I already have a fucking real book project with Sorrow. Why do I do this to myself?


Shadowrunners is a new campaign using the Runners in the Shadows rules. Fiction-forward sci-fi fantasy; cyberpunk with elves and whatnot. The campaign is just getting started, one session to do some collaborative world building. It was great. I'll post up the document once it is a bit more fleshed out. Some material is rehash/tweaks from original rules, but the majority is from us! Hope this works out - it is experimental (both system and my time).

As a fun note I'm working with the author to make some actual roll20 sheets. It is ... complicated. I'm not a javascrit guy and this whole css thing isn't my jam, but we are working collaboratively, so I'm excited to see how this plays out.


Bloodbath Dungeon is NEW! Inspired by Castle Gargantua, I'm in the process of writing a new thing. I'll be using it for the Bloodbath Dungeon "BXDH" Tournament game at the 2023 Spring Geekend in April/May next year. Again, I'll post more when there is more.


Spring Geekend

I've rented an estate and invited all of my regular (and irregular) gamers from online and real life for a long weekend of role playing and board games and general shenanigans and hanging out. I'm basically putting together a small gaming convention. I have no idea what I'm doing :)

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