Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Steady Progress

Sorrow in Haven Books
The first text block is at the printers for the main book and I'm fleshing out the numerous Phantasmagoricon volumes (v5a-5j are pretty small all things considered) . Once I'm happy with all the monsters I'll also make a "Compiled Field Notes" version of the Phantasmagoricon that includes all those critters and a few special treats.

  • Sorrow in Haven (expecting sample printed text block this week)
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 1 - Underworld Creatures Class A & B (in progress, functional)
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 2 - Underworld Creatures Class C & D (in progress; functional)
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 3 - Underworld Creatures Class E (pending; notes)
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 4 - Urban and Wilderness Monstrosities
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5a - Creatures of Sorrow: Lost Haven (in progress, functional)
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5b - Creatures of Sorrow: Halls of Pain
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5c - Creatures of Sorrow: Fabled Realm 
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5d - Creatures of Sorrow: Vaseytown
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5e- Creatures of Sorrow: The Elevator
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5f - Creatures of Sorrow: Waters of Hell
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5g - Creatures of Sorrow: Vendegarr Hold
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5h - Creatures of Sorrow: Chasmtop
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5i - Creatures of Sorrow: Eternal Chasm
  • Phantasmagoricon: Volume 5j - Creatures of Sorrow: The Yellow Kingdom
Noble House Work
I'm also reviewing and detailing the 17 Noble Houses. The noble houses are getting some juice as the players are interacting with them. Small notes becoming full-page writeups. Current family lineage, interconnections, more details on their allegiances and feuds, and at least one "plot hook" for interacting with them. 

Districts and Neighborhoods
I also figured while I was at it I'd start working on the neighborhoods of Haven. The 29 districts already have short write-ups, so just fleshing out the neighborhoods ... all 338 of them. Each neighborhood gets a paragraph and people/places table. I'm cross referencing the info from the groups document and noble houses as well. Once the framework (spread sheet) is finished up, I'm going to do some focused crowd sourcing with my players.

d6xd6 Randomizer Table
Roll two sets of 2d6. Cross the pairs and then to add stuff to dungeon rooms:
d6xd6  1 - 3  4 - 5   6 
1 - 3 A B C
4 - 5 DEF

A: Minor Threat
B: Threat
C: Major Threat

D: Inconvenience
E: Disabler
F: Deadly

G: Coins / Goods
H: Gems / Jewelry
I: Magic / Special

Sample Results
Room 1 [5/3, 5/4]: inconvenience trap + disabling trap
Just past the entrance the floor is covered in disguised sticky tar. It could be leaped across, but on the other side is a 15' pit with iron crossbeams meant to break arms and legs.

Room 2 [2/4, 6/2]: threat + some coins
4 red-eye orcs are savagely eating a pie. They each have 50 coins, but would rather die than give up any of their pie or coins.

Room 3 [6/5, 2/6]: jewelry + major threat
On a pedestal the necklace known as Almira's Joy (platinum, rubies, and locks of fairy hair). The red-eye ogre sits picking its sharpened teeth and ringing a bell to summon 1d6 red-eye orc minions.

Want to change the table up, here are some values
A 9 / 36  Quite Common 
 B & D  6 / 36 each Common
E4 / 36Uncommon
C & G3 / 36 each Rare
H & F2 / 36 each Very Rare
I1 / 36Unique

So maybe make one with just monsters based on how often they'd be encountered ...
d6xd6  1 - 3  4 - 5   6 
1 - 3 Red-eye Orcs  Saber-fanged Rottweilers Hobgoblin Assassin
4 - 5 Flame Snakes HobgoblinsBlood Ogre
6 Hobgoblin Shaman Glass Knight King Balgrulub the Terrible 

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