Monday, March 13, 2023

Spring Geekend, Bloodbath Dungeon, and Sorrow in Haven progress

Holy shit I haven't posted in months!

For the Spring Geekend 2023 is April 27-May 1st. Should be fantastic. 20 people so far, maybe adding a few as we go. Tons of role playing, a boatload of board games, and generally good times. I decided that I'd run a tournemnt-style dungeon. Why? Why not!

I've got a mega-dungeon: Bloodbath Dungeon. 10 levels, 10 chambers per level. Filled with wretched beasts and awesome loot. The idea is the crew of 5th level characters has 3 hours to get in, get as much XP as they can, and get out. I'll throw up notes on how it goes. I'm writing for the BXDH system and I'll post it up for anyone to use if they want. You can rock it with any OSR/-adjacent systems. 

BXDH2023 rules have been printed and spiral bound and sent to all my online gamers.  What joy! You can peep this little video where you can hear about East Palestine in the back ground:

Sorrow in Haven is a physical book!  The binding of the 17 hard copies is almost complete!  Just need to add the cover art - I'm hopefully getting it printed on book cloth.  In progress of the stack (before the covers got added:

I'm attempting a German spring-back ledger binding. We'll see how it goes.  4 book marks because 1 book mark ribbon is teh sux.

The research rules are basically long term project rules. I'm not a huge fan of downtime rules - because adventuring is about adventuring, but I can see the value in it.  So ...

Define the Project
What are you attempting to do?

  • build a contraption that will automatically reel in your grappling hook  
  • research a spell that can melt the faces of your enemies
  • organize a crew of hackers to help in your struggle against The Man?
Set the Scale
In systems that use clocks, this would be a clock. In Sorrow, this is a progress track. The scale is the size of the track or clock. 
  • Pretty Simple : 3
  • Usual: 5
  • Tough: 7 or more
Set the Difficulty
The difficulty is what you need to roll to move things forward - this is the GM roll vs what the player is going to get up to.
  • Boring: 3
  • Usual: 6
  • Tough: 9
  • Absurd: 12
The Roll!
Roll once a week or each time the character gets 7 days together. Or take your time (2 weeks/14 days) to gain advantage. Make a roll.
  • Legendary Failure: -2 progress (to a minimum of 0)
  • Critical Failure: -1 progress
  • Failure: 0 progress
  • Success: +1 progress
  • Critical Success: +2 progress
  • Legendary Success: +3 progress

Other Rules/Ideas
Maybe adjust the time if the PC has something that would make it happen faster. Collections/libraries/alchemical labs/etc. can add a bonus to the roll. Special Materials that get used up increase the effect level (+1 to the progress). 

Dirk wants to train his loyal hound into a badass wardog. The GM decides this is: 
  • Train the Dog: Scale (4), Difficulty (6), and +1 to the checks because the character has a history with dogs.
Check 1 (after 7 days): Success ... progress 1/5
Check 2 (after 14 days: Legendary success ... progress 4/5
Check 3 (after 7 days): Success ... progress 5/5 - Jup the loyal hound is now a loyal wardog!

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