Monday, December 20, 2021

Shady Contracts from "The Company"

Sometimes you need contracts from shady groups. This can generate the general bits and you can fill in the specifics.  Roll 5d6. Put it all together!

 1d6  Type Window XP Intel Known Complication
1 Assassinate Immediate 0 Almost Nothing Open Contract
2 Acquire 1d6 Days 5%Weak / Inaccurate Leaked Contract
3 Diplomatic 1d4 Weeks 10% General  Extremely Dangerous Foe 
4 Gather Intel  1d6 Months 15%Some Details Demonic Involvement
5  Sew Discord  1 Year 20% Detailed Dossier Potential Suicide Mission
6 Set Up  Until Complete  25%  Secret Information  No Complications

Type: What kind of job is this?
Window: How long do you have to complete this task?
XP: originally this is the % of XP needed to go to the next level or, if the mission fails, the penalty to XP. Replace this with another kind of reward, like % of income to advance one social class.
Intel: How much information do you have?
Known Complication: Not the only complication, just one you know about.

Clearly I've got some idea of a setting that these bits work with - you can get a feel from the examples below. Replace Daemonic Involvement with something like "troll army" and you'll change the entire tone of things. 

EXAMPLE I: 4, 3, 4, 6, 5

  • Type: Gather Intel
  • Window: 2 weeks (I rolled 2 on the d4)
  • XP: 15%
  • Intel: Secret Information
  • Complication: Potential Suicide Mission
You have 2 weeks to identify when a shipment of lotushead will arrive and where in Holland they will be arriving.. The secret you know is that this is for the Vigilant Society, known diabolists. You also know that these folks don't take kindly and will kill you and everyone you know to keep their secret. 

EXAMPLE II: 6, 4, 3, 2, 6

  • Type: Set Up
  • Window: 1 month (1 on the d6)
  • XP: 10%
  • Intel: Weak or Inaccurate
  • Complication: no known complication
The company needs you to ensure that Troegr Mastiff and found guilty of the murder of his mistress. You have 1 month to complete this mission before he is elected to the Mercantile Guild. There is no information on his mistress but she exists (according to his wife). The murder charge and public shame of infidelity will ensure he is not voted in.

EXAMPLE III: 2, 5, 3, 1, 4

  • Type: Acquire
  • Window: 1 year
  • XP: 10%
  • Intel: Almost Nothing
  • Complication: Daemonic Involvement
The company needs you to acquire, through whatever methods you see fit, the reliquary of St. Brigit. It was stolen some 30 years ago but rumor indicates it is in Paris (or possibly London). This information was gathered from captured members of the Inverted Church when a daemonic summoning ritual was interrupted. 

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