Sunday, December 28, 2014

PHOS going to Arisia

I'm going to run my first proper convention game this year at Arisia.  Exciting stuff.  I'll be running a straight dungeon crawl experience from the Perilous Halls of Sorrow where success is going to be determined by if the party survives and, if so, how much loot they manage to pull out of the place.

Simple stuff, but for a 4-hour time slot I think just what is needed.  Of course, I'm not sure how a somewhat "open-ended" is going to play at a convention game.  The goal is simple - escape with your lives through grinding dungeon insanity, but are players going to want more plot?  Will anyone appreciate the fact that I'll be using each adventuring group foray into the Underworld and taking ontes on what they do, loot, and so on?  Probably not, but who cares, right?  I'll just make some old school dungeon fun for everyone.

Here is my checklist
1) pre-generated characters, like 4 sets of 20 of them
2) simplified dungeon maps and notes (notes on maps rather than a key)
3) wet erase mat + markers, combat clicker
4) tons of dice - I'm going to order a pound of chessex dice
5) minis ... nothing too nice, but something for the board
6) Karma/Honor ships
7) name placards - so people can write Joe the Fighter
8) contingency plan for a TPK  ...

I just thought of number 8.  This is a serious possibility and something I should consider.  I'm also thinking of coming up with some vague plot-related reason for being in the dungeon other than "SHIT, DUDES!  A DUNGEON!  Let's Go!"  But back to the list ...

9) cheat sheet on loot, equipment quality, and other stuff
10) quick reference cards for clerics and mages
10a) a deck of random spells for wizards to draw from?  maybe by lineage?

What else?  Ideas?

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