Friday, July 1, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 4

These are the three Levitolith that inhabit the Feldron Wastes.  Mostly found in their complex, they can sometimes be found wandering adjacent areas and locations.  Before the patchwork "situation" they were semi-militant, non-humanoid aliens on a mission of exploration ... now they just want to go home, but cannot, which makes them grouchy and unpredictable.  Because they are recent hybrids, they don't have a culture that is more then a few generations old.

Levitolith Brute Tags: Alien-Patchwork
Type: Hooded Mistake Organization: Small Group (Large)
Description: Reptilian, Nonchalant Instinct: to devour
HP: 8
Armor: 3
Attack: Bite and Punch ( d8+1 )
 close, reach
  swallow a man whole
  Eat every part of its prey
  cast almost the right spell
Known For:

The brutes were elite soldiers before the infestation and now are creature of pure war.  Their skin is thick and spiked like that of a crocodile and they can distend their slavering jaws to swallow a man whole.  A few have some traces of the arcane in their patchwork blood and as such can cast feeble misdirected and wildly corrupted spells.  They follow the orders of the Explorers and Commanders.

Levitolith Explorers Tags: Alien-Patchwork
Type: Verminated Sangromancer Organization: Group (Medium)
Description: thick bristles, well-spoken Instinct: to mutilate
HP: 6
Armor: 0
Attack: Digestive acids ( d8 )
  strike from darkness
  take a captive
  Manipulate (hot) winds and desert storms
Known For:

Explorers cover both the soldier and the diplomat position within Levitolith "society"  They are inherently cruel things - the Patchwork blood being that of some sort of great fly-like creature.  The levitoloth explorers are also responsible for the current barren state of the Feldron - it was their combined "desert" magic that stripped life away.  They are also responsible for the Juk Engine and numerous other combined arcintecho devices.

Levitolith Commander Tags: Alien-Patchwork
Type: Croatoan Torturer Organization: Unique (Small)
Description: Scaled, egosit/arrogant Instinct: to command
HP: 14
Armor: 1
Attack: Crushing vines ( d10 )
  Jump out and bite
  Dissolve flesh, metal and wood
  Die in a burst of blinding light, to be reborn
Known For:
  Rapid Regeneration

The little bastard is quick and has some sort of plant-based exoskeleton that it uses to get around.  The commander has goals and aims - plans within plans - and they all center around getting "Home" to a place that he nor any other have been, a place Between the Stars.  The patchwork made an already paranoid violently mad, and he has a small army at his disposal.  Rumor says he can't be killed by conventional means.