Monday, July 4, 2016

Magic and Moves Monday, Round 1 - Heart of Scions

Since I've got a adventure locations and monsters showing up regularly, I thought I'd thrown down some custom moves and magic items and the like as well.  So, without more ado, Magic and Move Monday, Part 1.  Also, Happy 4th of July.

The Heart of Scions
The cults of Scions are varied, but they all believe in the god Scions who has creating things that will always be beyond understanding.  Scions has littered Eradu with knowledge and artifacts that if those who are clever and can recite the True Cant of Knowledge, his blessed Tetrahedral will descend from the Cosine Sky to provide Dihoximate Propeline Wishes to his most faithful servants.

There are a few examples that are known as the Heart of Scions.  Their whole forms are never seen, for they are emerge from the earth to reveal only their Cone of Praise - a perfect Parabolala in Tres Dimensiones y de Titanio.  There is magical portal in the side that shows a number that counts down slowly toward 0, a day at which will Calibrate the Burst Rate of Krystial Lite Reformation and usher in a new era.  As each micromoment ticks away, there is a low thrum from the Heart, which becomes louder and more powerful as the Count approaches Judgement.

When a character mucks about with the control mechanisms of the Heart of Scions, Roll + INT:
Roll + IntResult
10+Choose 1, but choose wisely
7 - 9This is taking longer than expected: roll again but with -1 forward or allow the GM to complicate matters
6-Roll 1d6 and use that choice plus any complications or moves the GM feels is appropriate.  You can mark XP, but it may not make a difference.

1The Heart of Scions immediately explodes fully delivering the payload.  Everything within 1 mile is utterly destroyed and everything within 3 miles is damaged on will become Wasteland.
2The Count speeds up - dramatically.  You may have only moments to escape certain destruction.  What do you do?!
3The count is paused ... but for how long?  It could restart at any moment.
4The Count is reset to 365 days ... and counting down.
5A Key Component has been removed, disabling the Heart until it is replaced.
6The Heart is permanently disable.