Friday, July 8, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 5

On this week's installment: an NPC the party will most likely be at odds with, a look into the terrible world of the the four Faerie Courts, and a strange race of humanoids.

Logan Kelplitan Tags: Fey
Type: Cadaverous Cleaver Organization: Unique (Small)
Description: Aggressive, Hateful Instinct: to adventure or die trying
HP: 14
Armor: 2
Attack: Enchanted Cleaver ( d10 )
 close, Hold at bay
  Grant a favor at a terrible price
  Turn into an intangible form
Known For:
  Being a dick

This small faerie has skin like the gnarled bark of an ancient oak.  Logan is looking for adventure and excitement and the lack of it, plus what he has uncovered about the nature of Eradu, has filled him with a seething rage. As fey Logan can and will grant favors to those who encounter and ask, but he usually finds such things to be petty and will twist them to get some adventure and excitement for himself out of the deal.  Logan is an asshole.  If attacked, Logan defends himself with a nasty cleaver.

Cledricap Tags: Fey
Type: Hooded Ingenue Organization: Small Group (Medium)
Description: Wads of tissue, Furious Instinct: to roll in dirt
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Flames ( d8 )
  throw something
  melt away deception
  Channel promythean energy
Known For:
  Being adorable and disgusting at the same time

Clerdricap are a creature of the fey that resemble kittens made of wads of used silk.  They are energetic and furiously roll about on the ground and rub against those that approach.  But they are not pets.  The Queens have bred cledricap for centuries because of a strange property - if eaten alive (which causes much screaming from the cute creatures) they will cause the devourer to be unable to deceive in any way.  The cledricap, while found in the wild, are most often forced into the mouths of those foolish enough to visit one of the Four Courts.  If enraged enough, the cledricap can cause the power of earth and stone as a promythean mage to burn enemies, but only if they are on the ground.  Once lifted up they are harmless.

Hunters of Clan Bew Tags: Humanoid, Organized
Type: Verminated Ichthyte Organization: Solitary (Medium)
Description: exposed muscle, Talkative Instinct: to undermine the established order
HP: 12
Armor: 1
Attack: Bow ( d10 )
 close, Hold at bay
  Rally troops with a harsh cry
  Devour a soul to become more powerful
  bring forth light
Known For:
  Half damage from edged weapons

Their lack of skin would seem to be a detriment, but the Hunters can flex each individual muscle fiber, allowing them the ability to run through the Thorn Forest easily and avoid damage from edges weapons.  While the home of Clan Bew is not known, the Hunters are - and they seek to devour the souls of their prey, which are intelligent folk and especially adventurers.  Not necessarily aggressive or even hostile, Hunters can be spoken to - they are said to hunt a single prey they is given to them in a dream from Featherless God Helbrart.  The Hunters are expert marksmen and have the ability to breath under water for a few hours be eating (?) the strange plump lice that crawl constantly over their bodies.