Monday, July 11, 2016

Magic and Moves Monday, Round 2: Grod's Mask

Grod was an adventurer that spent quite a bit of time near the Kingdom of Lydos, and as such had several trinkets and treasures that he brought back.  One, however, stood out and has been repeatedly stolen and fought over for bloody ages.

Grod's Mask is a porcelain mask of a cat's face.  It is simple white with a bit of age and a few small cracks; it ties on with a black ribbon. If worn during the day, nothing happens.

When you put on Grod's Mask at night, roll+DEX.
Roll + IntResult
7 - 9Chose 1 or Choose 2 and the GM adds a complication
6-The GM will be taking over your character as an NPC for a bit ...

The List of Choices
  • Gain night vision
  • Gain the ability to move silently
  • Always land on your feet
  • Gain +1 forward for any DEX rolls related to cat-like reflexes to avoid things
  • Run very quickly for a moment, but only for an initial strike on prey
When dawn arrives or the mask is removed, the mask grants no more abilities until the next night falls. If the GM takes control of the character, they go on either a killing spree of some sort (cat and mouse games for pleasure) or simply make themselves inconvenient or inaccessible (sleep on another character's gear or napping high in a tree) - the choice will be based on the GM's interpretation of character's personality.