Friday, July 15, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 6

I don't have any specific plans for these critters yet, but this is a fun project.

More Monsters? Fuck Yea!

Kitin Hordling Tags: Fey,  terrifying
Type: Consuming Urchin Organization: Small Group (Large)
Description: insectile, Nonchalant Instinct: to steal
HP: 8
Armor: 1
Attack: Chaotic touch ( d8+1 )
 close, reach
  summon minions
  Seduce with the promise of power
  resist and reflect elemental damage
Known For:
  Stealing trinkets

Legend says the Kitin have an endless horde that will swarm from the Autumn King's garden when the Winter Queen seduces him.  It hasn't happened yet, thank goodness.  Kitin are insectile things the size of small dogs.  They offer a strange secretion from their mouths that can offer tremendous power to those who injest it (the Autumn Princess is known to be addicted).  Of course, they tend to instead gently touch the fools who approach and let the Chaos of the Patchwork disrupt the victim's flesh and bone.  They can call more of their kind through high pitches yowling that sounds like children screaming.

Enshrouded Lasher Tags: Beast
Type: Enshrouded Lasher Organization: Solitary (Medium)
Description: Blossoms and spore pods, forceful Instinct: to serve
HP: 12
Armor: 0
Attack: Acidic lashes ( d10 )
  Jump to the throat
  unleash a deafening bellow
Known For:
  Never stopping once it has a scent

Enshrouded lashers are plant-like creatures that tend to sit motionless amidst low scrubby brush, lettering their flower-like sensory organs flow in the breeze and their spores reach out to smell and taste everything in about a mile.  As long as they don't move, they are nearly invisible except to the trained eye. They attack with tendrils that secrete an acidic compound that not only damages characters, but also destroys equipment like nobody's business.  If the lasher can be subdued, it can be tamed like a wild dog, in which case they can become incredibly loyal and vicious pets.

Jinrun Tags: Planar
Type: Wretched Cenobite Organization: Small Group (Medium)
Description: Fractured, Immaculate Instinct: to end the world
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Spines ( d8 )
  Change form
  offer a deal with horrible consequences
Known For:

The Jinrun are described as a vaguely porcupine-like humanoid, but with too many joints in too many arms and legs.  Under those infinite spines they appear to have been geometrically disassembled and put back together with the "useless" bits removed. They are from one of the more violent and wicked outer planes.  They can change their form to blend in for an hour or so, and do so to offer deals that will eventually lead to the end of the world, likely through some sort of large scale interdimensional planar conjunction.  Why do they want to end the world? Those who have had dealings with the Jinrun say it "feels like revenge".