Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-3)

Two more Areas for the Fledron Wastes Region.  Before continuing, I know that the Tags are an important shorthand in Dungeon World, but they are really bumming me out.  I'm going to drop them from locations and start using them without regard to rules for the Areas - I'll let descriptions and overviews take care of business.  I switched some things around from the original rolls because they are guidelines, not laws. 

Area: Skull Fields
Overview:This area was once rich farmland with numerous farms and small communities dotting the landscape.  Now it is ruined and littered with bones of men, cattle, and things from Other Worlds. Ghouls  roam this area scraping by feeding on old bones and the rare bit of flesh they can catch - these are the Hollow Farmers.  As individuals they cannot be parleyed with, but oddly as a collective group they can be communicated with.

When you have leverage on a Group of Hollow Farmers and manipulate them, roll+Cha:

  • On a 12+, you can get them to generally do something you want, but they are barely intelligent undead scavengers, so don't over-complicate things.
  • On a 10+, you receive the Hollow Mark and the Hollow Farmers will ignore you and your companions while in the Skull Fields
  • On a 7–9, they are riled up and not convinced of whatever you are saying - put up or shut up and it better be good
  • On a 6-, Mark XP and get ready to deal with an angry mob that may revert to their ghoulish nature in a heartbeat

Location - Deserted Farm       
Overview: In the midst of the destruction is one farm that is weather-worn but standing.  Short rugged grasses grow behind a wire fence.  A lone bull auroch grazes here on the top of a hill, watching over everything.  In addition, numerous goats graze and prance about.  The Hollow Farmers, if there are any nearby, simply do not seem to see this place at all.  Why is that?

Location - Oddity: Aestherial Tear
Overview: There is an ugly tear in the fabric of reality here.  A gaping wound in reality that a man riding an auroch could easily pass though.  Tendrils of energy seep out and there may be something peering through the gap.  The bones of some otherworldly thing reach through the portal, long dead, but keeping the tear from closing.  This area is terrible dangerous as ANYTHING could be lurking nearby.  Of course, it is also a portal to the Aestrerial, those brave enough to venture forth may be able to get anywhere in the Cosmos...

Area: Ruins of Pel
Overview: Pel was an industrial powerhouse run by early alien technology blended with the deepest arcane sorcery.  Now it is an endless pile of rubble haunted by disturbed spirits and restless dead, prowled by trolls, and home to a band of savages said to be the degenerate descendants of the Calixico Culrpashun.  The Ruins are perilous at best and downright deadly if being tracked.  However, it is said there is some mighty fine ancient loot to be found that in the hands of the right adventurer could bring power and riches.  Of course there is.  It probably isn't that bad, right?

Location - Crypt of Doom
Overview: Pel was a theocratic city and as such the Minitsty of True Morality was at the center.  The building still stands - having been obviously repaired and maintained by crude methods of the years.  Under the Ministry was the Crypt of Revered Souls, now known to the local savages as the Crypt of Doom.  Something lives down there.  Something terrible.  No good will come of poking your nose into a place where none have gone and returned.