Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-4): Location Questions

In true Dungeon World Spirit, here are some questions to help find out more about what is going on through actual play.  This should be interesting ...

Odin's Spear
  • Why is this place called Safety Tunnel City by the locals?
  • How sunk is the city, exactly?
  • Who is in charge?
  • Who is really in charge?
  • What exactly is the Juk Engine doing to folks?
  • What does the rebellion look like?
  • Do they have a chance?

 Levitolith Lair

  • The Levitolith are non-human - what do they look like? 
  • What kind of Patchwork thing infected them?
  • How much of the Ship is left?
  • How far does the complex go/what other places does it touch?
  • What kind of technology do they use?
  • How doe they communicate?
  • What other troubles do they have?

Aestherial Tear
  • What is that thing sticking out of the tear?
  • What caused the tear in the first place?
  • What is lurking nearby?
  • How does long-term exposure to unfettered aetherial energy affect the landscape?
  • Is the tear growing or shrinking?
  • How dangerous is it in the region of the aestherial this opens into?
  • What kind of Sorcerer will eventually track this place down?

Deserted Farm
  • Why doe the Hollow Farmers not see this place?
  • Just how dangerous is the auroch?
  • Why do the goats follow you around so closely?
  • Is anyone home?
  • What is in the big pot over the still-warm cooking fire?
  • What do you see/hear when you look down the well in the cellar?
  • The wizard looks uncomfortable. Do you feel uncomfortable?

Crypt of Doom
The Crypt is going to get a post of its own and likely written up a bit more.  Of course, this will be AFTER my players get around to exploring because, frankly, what kind of adventurer hears "don't go in there!  There is a terrible monster!" and doesn't immediately think "Fuck that guy - I smell mad loot and sweet glory for wasting some crusty demon!"