Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-2)

Continuing the Feldron Wastes Region is the Shattered Spear.  Home of two factions there is plenty of opportunity for  all sorts of activity.  Each of the Locations deserves a more detailed write-up, but perhaps another time.  Leaving things a bit blank opens up tons of opportunity for the GM to wing it and the players to influence what is happening.

Area: The Shattered Spear
Tags: Temperate, Perilous, Coastal, Blighted, Difficult (broken boggy ground)

Overview: The shattered spear is a peninsula that juts into the Kelbrian Sea.  At the tip is the town of Odin's Spear, cut off from the mainland by the rugged terrain and Levitolith lair.  There is a tenuous peace of sorts brought about by the Juk Engine, but revolt and violence are on the horizon.

Location - Steading: Odin's Spear (Safety Tunnel City)
Tags: Human Town, Safe, Civilized, Steady, Guard, Faction (Citizens of Odin's Spear), Emnity (Levitolith Complex)

Overview: A town built on the sinking ruins of a city on the end of a quagmire, Odin's Spear is still proud if in big trouble.  The Juk Engine provides a cycle of day and night to combat the strange effects of the Levitolith presence but it also enslaves some of their people - turning them into mindless sacks of meat for days at a time.

Location - Lair: Levotolith Invader Complex
Tags: Crashed Alien Complex, Unsafe, Faction (The Levitolith), Emnity (Odin's Spear)

Overview:The Levitolith are non-humanoid alien's that, when their ship was the center of a Patchwork incursion, became the center of a new hybrid species.  They only want to get "home" to the Place Between the Stars.  The complex has the remains of their ship in the center but has grown both above and below ground as well into nearby dimension space.  The Levitolith are not evil, but they are not particularly friendly.