Friday, June 17, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 2 [DoE MF]

Three more beauties for the Dawn of Eradu in the Dungeon World style.

Anyone out there interested in doing some artwork for these (and future critters)?

Centipedic KnightsTags:Patchwork, Divine
Type: Articulated DegenerateOrganization:Group (Medium)
Description:Dirty, CunningInstinct:to rule
Armor: 0
Attack: acid-weeping hands ( d8+2)
  eating away at metal and flesh
  attack from the sky
  Sense the presence of undead
Known for:
  Half damage from edged weapons
  Being Favored
  Uncanny Endurance

Unnaturally blessed of on of the orbital gods, the filthy centipedic knights stalk the Desh on their rubbery pods looking for minions, for those who would worship them as divine creatures themselves.  They often have packs of smaller semi-intelligent things that do their bidding.  Their touch contains a corrosive fluid that they use to mark that which they claim with sloppy spiral patterns.  Known to leap from trees or terrible heights, the endurance of the knights is incredible; the ability to shrug off non-lethal damage is tremendous.  They are frightened of undead and can sense them when near by. Undead of all kinds will attack centipedic knights on sight at all costs.

Beasts of ThunTags:Alien, Organized
Type: Croatoan CompulsorOrganization: Small Group (Large)
Description: Fecal, RaggedInstinct: to decay
Attack: Smash ( d8+3)
 close, reach, vicious armament
  Blend into the environment
  Travel to other planes (with guests)
  Pass on divine knowledge

A single pack of the Beasts of Thun are known to wander the gardens of Kellet Thun, slowly decaying from unknown factors on this world.  They have a sort of camoflage instinct that causes their skin to change to textures and colors similar to the area which they roam.  The beasts have been seen to do what is described as a "dance", stamping their four great hooves in syncopated rythms until they slide to another dimensions, only to return a few minutes later.  Those that can stand their terrible stench and the miasma of sorrow that hangs about them may be able to discern strange secrets whispered from within the beasts' swollen bellies.

Ogres of RudwormTags: Undead, Disgusting
Type: Fell WandererOrganization:Small Group (Large)
Description: Biomechanical, UnkemptInstinct: to guard
HP: 8
Armor: 0
Attack: Crushing Fists (d8+1)
 close, reach
  Lightning Breath
  Bring its full bulk to bear
  Use a built-in tool for adaptation
Known for:
 incredibly fast climbing

In the Rudworm valley small groups of undead ogres guard passages, clearing, fallen statues, and a variety of places that seem to have no values.  Steer clear and you'll probably be fine, but get too close and you'll feel the bash of crushing meaty fist nodules on arms that are a bit too long, encounter the rare but excruciatingly painful "lighting vomit", or worst of all be at the bottom when they instinctively dog-pile on a single target (maggots and thing black ooze pooling in the victim's mouth and eyes makes it that much worse).  Under the ragged flesh can be seen metal components - that when unleashed act as spider-like limbs and allow for climbing at prodigious speed not congruent with their pussy corpulent bloat.