Friday, June 24, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 3

Behold!  Three terrible things that live in the Jure Loss, a heavily wooded marsh that was once a lush green and blue forest.

Stone Mother Tags: Alien, Unknowable
Type: Dark Urchin Organization: Large Group (Medium)
Description: Dripping, Animalistic Instinct: to enjoy
HP: 8
Armor: 3
Attack: Slam ( d6)
  call every formian it spawned
  Silently prowl behind
  Turn flesh to stone, and vice versa
Known For:

Stone Mothers are things are beasts from "Gertris Most Beautiful".  They appear as sweating, bestial humanoid statues, at least until they attack by slamming their bodies into whoever has caught their single marbled eye. While they are clearly intelligent, all attempts at communication have failed.  Their targets, who are never devoured, are turned to stone that slowly mutates over the course of the moon and eventually become mindless minions (treat as zombies but with Armor 3).  They occasionally turn their minions back to flesh, sometimes before the mutation, but not always.

Obokirk Tags: Beast
Type: Reeking Incarnation Organization: Solitary (Medium)
Description: Eight legs, Talkative Instinct: To Dismember and reassemble
HP: 12
Armor: 1
Attack: Spiked whip ( d10)
  Strike the perfect blow
  Surprise from the mud
  Grapple with their whip
  Offer a reward
Known For:

The oborkirk are an intelligent beast that have laid a complex plan and will do anything to bring it to fruition. They are the voices from the bogs of Jure Loss offering rewards for acts that seem to have no rhyme or reason.  Upon their eight spindly legs they climb and cling to everything when not skulking in the mud.  Their mandibles, if they were once arachnids at all, are two great thorny whips and they have an uncanny knack for striking the perfect blow from cover - knocking foes to the ground and causing weapons and shields to fly into the bog, lost forever.  Given the opportunity, they will tear a victim apart and reassemble them as a scarecrow or talisman that they hang near their lair.

Gorehound Tags: Beast
Type: Sleek Hound Organization: Small Group (Medium)
Description: several claws, Regretful Instinct: to mutilate
HP: 4
Armor: 0
Attack: Powerful jaw ( d8)
  send the pack to hunt
  meld into the swamp
  fly to a better vantage point
Known For:

Gorehounds have a single purpose in their strange life - rip everything to shreds.  They look like skinless dogs with their heads replaced with a "shovel" of bone, eyes and teeth rattling around under a tough mucous membrane.  They prowl the Jure Loss in small packs, but their whistling grunts can be heard echoing, and they often call more of their kind for a big kill.  There are a few among the pack that have great sacks they can inflate with swamp gases that give them the ability to clumsily fly into the gnarled limbs of the swamp trees.