Wednesday, June 22, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1-1)

Each post for a particular region will include the details of the previous posts, building into a single set of things.  I know DW is all about leaving blanks and discovery through play, but as the GM this is the stuff I love - creating a universe to explore.  There are plenty of blanks in what I'm writing - any GM worth their weight in geldings should be able to find plenty of places to slot new and interesting ideas.

Additional Plans for each Region/Area

  • Include random encounters with monster stats (Monster Friday!)
  • Weather table
  • Pointcrawl map
  • Anything else i think will spice things up but not get too detailed without purpose

Region: Feldron Wastes
Tags: Temperate, Unsafe, Jagged Hills, Barren, Resource (Scions Artifacts)

Overview: Once civilized and bountiful, Feldron is now overrun with Savage Barbarians and an ongoing confrontation between the citizens of Odin's Spear (once the seat of power of the region) and the Levitolith, an alien culture that has become infested with Things from the Patchwork.

Factions: Barbarians, Citizens of Odin' Spear, Levitolioth, Hollow Farmers