Friday, June 10, 2016

Monster Friday, Round 1 [DoE MF]

I'm trying this new thing ... a weekly Friday post to write up 3 monsters for the World of Eradu campaign. I'm also completely comfortable that the [DoE MF] tag could be read as "Down of Eradu Mother Fuckers".  That works as well.

The Bishop of Kellet Thun Tags: Undead
Type: Perfect ExcruciatorOrganization: Unique (Medium)
Description: Rotting, PiousInstinct:to prepare
HP: 16
Armor: 0
Attack: Black Piercing Mandibles ( d10)
 close, Piercing: 1
  Grapple a prey
  Attack from an impossible angle
  Impale a threat
Known for:
 Deft Strike

The Bishop sits in meditative prayer at the entrance to Kellet Thun.  His meditations are simple and keen - giving him visions of those that approach, and as such he can prepare for their inevitable desire to enter the Temple of Welcome that leads to Kellet Thun.  His meditations also help obscure the life that he once had, which bring pain and suffering which manifest themselves as piercing black mandibles of the Unholy Glistening Beetle moving thorugh his dusty flesh.  When the bishop strikes he does so quickly, without warning, and from places that make little sense.

Holy Hunting DogsTags: Scions, Divine
Type: Cloaked HoundOrganization: Group (Medium)
Description: translucent skin, PiousInstinct:to enjoy
Attack: Elemental blast ( d8+2)
  Be healed by lightning
  Use scavenged weapons or magic
  Explode splinters all around

Created by The Covenant of Steel, a violent and power-hunger Cult of Scions, the Holy Hunting Dogs are created false thing.  Now free of their masters' control they roam Eradu in search of things unknown.  They seem to enjoy playing similar to puppies, but as they were built for war a playful nip can turn into a short range blast of electrical discharge.  In addition to being nearly invisible when not moving, the hunting dogs have the ability to absorb non-organic matter and utilize any abilities associated with it.  The hunting dogs tend to explode when they become too excited, so engage with the utmost care.

Abula Ros, Sister of ContritionTags: Scions
Type: Altar MaidenOrganization: Unique (Medium)
Description: Spikes, Serrated teeth, PoliteInstinct:to haunt
Attack: Horns ( d10)
 close, hold at bay
  Sing foes into a dazed state
  undermine the ground
  snuff out light

Her sisters are dead, and she wanders Eradu the last of her kind.  When she does choose to settle,  it is in a place that is far from civilization or intelligent things.  She sings a self-itterating tune of ditonal notes and upended chords while she works digging tunnels toward an unknown goal.  Those that approach her find sunlight never quite reaches her and their torches dimming no less than the flicker of a candle.  Those that engage find her polite if intimidating, but anyone foolish enough to attack will be pinned by her articulated "horns" as her vicious serrated teeth separate chunks of flesh from bone.  If Abula has been in a place long enough she often has numerous "pleasure toys" that she has dazed into a state of ecstatic, blank-eyed, living dolls.