Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Places You'll Go: Feldron Wastes (Part 1)

I've created a generator that uses several sources (Perilous Wilds, Location Cards, and Luka Rejec's G+ feed) to create Random Locations for Adventure!  This one is getting posted today, but I'll add more details to each region (or start a new region) each Wednesday. The generator doesn't do everything, in fact it is purposefully lacking and full of ambiguity.  Let's see what the first batch of posts is going to be based on:

Region: Waste of Fury (Unsafe)
    Area: The Shattered Spear (Perilous)
        * (6) The Juk Engine circulation defines the days and nights of the Safety Tunnel City. Wango
           and Györ looked on from the platform supplied by the Levitolith Transmutation Agreement. A
           safe distance, said Györ. That's what the barbarian said, replied Wango. This will all end in
        * Lair

    Area: The Ring of Skull (Unsafe)
        * Deserted Farm
                Lone bull aurach here
                Numerous goats graze here
        * Artifact - Planar: Aestherial Tear

    Area: The Crypt of Doom (Perilous)
        * Ruins

This looks like a good set to start with.  A Region with 3 Areas and 5 Locations and the opportunity for a bunch of weird shit.  The Furious Wastes should work out nicely.  I'd write more now, but I'm recovering from the New England Tough Mudder (and i'll probably mention that a few more times because I'm pretty pleased with myself for finishing).  More Dungeon World goodness is on the horizon - the Dawn of Eradu is coming to life!