Saturday, September 7, 2013

Worldkit: W3N4 Regional Weather

Springtime in W3N4

Harkening back to this post, I wanted to create the weather system for the region I'll be working on as a development point.  Sitting in the 31-40 degrees latitude band, the region is of moderate climate - perfect for adventuring.

To generate spring weather, roll 1d12.  If you roll a 12, drop a d6.  On a 1-5, roll 1d10+1 and consult the chart again.  On a 6, roll another d6 for special weather.

1Cold, Thuderheads, Stormy
2Chilly, cloudy, breezy
3Chilly, cloudy, downpour, breezy
4Chilly, overcast, Still
5Mild, Clear, Windy
6Mild, Overcast, Drizzle
7Mild, Overcast, Showers
8Mild, Sunny, Breezy
9Warm, Clear, Humid
10Warm, Overcast, Still, Looming Storm
11Hot, Sunny, Humid
121-5: roll 1d10+1, 6: Special
d12Massive Thunderstorm, d6 days
d12Endless Mists, d4+2 days
d12Spring Sleet, d3 days
d12Hurricane, d4+1 days
d12Faerie Storm: d4+2 changes in 1 day
d12Knife Fall

Endless mists dramatically increases the chance of getting lost and is the sign of dread beasts wandering the lands.

The spring sleet and hurricanes are just terrible weather.

A faerie storm is where the weather changes dramatically 3-6 times in a single day - often ending with a rainbow of terrible ice storm.

Knife fall is a rain of obsidian-like shards that devastate then melt into nothingness.