Monday, September 16, 2013

The Worldkit


I just removed many of the "worldkit" posts, mostly because they were long and full of charts and boring and not really what I wanted them to be.  The simplicity of the ideas got lost in the details of nerdery.  In the end, having a mind-bending weird fantasy horror landscape isn't going to be accomplished through randomly generated terrain and encounters - at least not without a lot of input from the GM.

I'm frustrated by this, but think it is the best plan.  I keep getting stuck with my development in some attempt to have a clean process, but parts of the process simply take too long.  That, in the end, is a problem.  Every GM knows that the biggest problem is time and what I'd written up simply took too much time.

I'm still going to be working on my Eradu / HMAEE campaign notes here, but more along the lines of setting and feel. For example, I've got a session update and musings on equipment for the next two posts.