Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Session Review: A Glimpse into the Future

Who Braved the Horrors

Due to the holiday and some untimely flooding, we only had 2 characters:

Kyle: clever, full of disguises, and generally good at not getting hit
Yurg: known for slitting throats and sneaking around

After some interviews this was the henchman they chose as the best of the lot:
Shifty Bill:  "methy", talkative, skinny, sketchy, but strangely optomistic

The Set-Up

The party is in Aldsburg, mountain city of spires and treachery.  After having lost his funds gambling, Yurg managed to come out with a map to the location of the Grinding Gear who was owned by Boris Maggrenson (this has large long term campaign implications for those in the know).  Yurg and Kyle grab ShiftyBill and head out.

The Highlights

  • Dealing with Wilfred, the 800 pound jeweler, his attack dogs, and mostly naked slave ladies
  • Watching a party of eight brigands be the source of their own demise
  • Wearing bandanas soaked in their own urine to approach an obvious trap
  • Yurg hanging on for dear life as a swarm of strix attack him
  • Losing valuable food and horses to a lone wanderer
  • Letting the hireling keep all of the treasure found
  • Giving up after a whole session because they couldn't find the dungeon entrance

The last one was a bit tough, but the session was still a blast.  Luckily, the GG will still be there.  Of course the next adventure is back on the main track, the party having spent time in the Green Sanctuary preparing to descend into the depths to look for the final Salvation Key.