Monday, September 2, 2013

House Rule Review: Encumbrance Slots

Encumbrance Works!
We had a small game yesterday in which, among other things, we tried out the new encumbrance rules.  After a description, both players were into it.  I tried to correct them a few times during the session, but to my chagrin they were doing it right and I just assumed they were doing it wrong! 

Apparently the system is intuitive, fits the "hard choices" bill, helps with the adventurer that is a walking armory, and makes book keeping easier.  Hurray!

I think i need to remove armor as counting toward encumbrance (but still taking up slots), simplify the recording mechanism on the character sheets, and NOT include the various encumbrance modifiers in the status because now it is so easy to change things around and slide into different levels.

I'm considering what kind of encumbrance prop could be created to help organize.  Maybe magnetic bits to arrange on a sheet with the ability to write on the magnetic bits?  I'll ponder...