Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Skills: All Opposed

Skill Checks

HackMaster has two types of skill checks - opposed and unopposed.  Both work perfectly well, but the unopposed skill checks are ... well .. not as exciting.  Also, some of them require the GM to make a roll for a player to keep them "in the dark" and I don't like that.  Players like to roll dice.

So with a quick bit of mathy magic, all skill checks are now opposed rolls.  The player rolls 1d100p+skill score and the GM rolls 1d100p+difficulty+50.  The difficulty is based on what is already in the book.  This keeps the probabilities of success the same as the original and adds a bit of mystery.

Alternate Quick Skill Check Idea

I've also been thinking about using a simple mechanic of 2d6p+skill rank (0-5).  A clever description adds +1, a really clever description adds +2.  Karma, luck, honor, and the rest can add in the normal manner.

*2d6p+skill is used when appropriate, for example when characters are having some sort of skill contest.

I haven't used this in play, but have discussed it from time to time.  Not sure how it would work and I have little to no interest in figuring outthe probabilities right now.
 Difficulty  Dice
 Average 2d6p* 
 Ridiculous  4d6p