Monday, September 16, 2013

Session Review: Back to the Grind

Those Who Braved the Horrors

Yurg: known for slitting throats and sneaking around
Darvick: a mage with some serious religious beliefs
Franc: Bring of Hope of anointed clergy of that same church

Henchman Sven: a northern Halit mountain & woodsman looking to fight monsters

The Set-Up

Back in Aldsburg, Yurg gets his companions Darvick and Franc (along with the hired hand Sven) to head back to the Grinding Gear and get that treasure hidden by Boris Maggrenson.  Some weird equipment is purchased and the party heads out.

The Highlights

  • The previously explored barn is now home to a stack of mutilated corpses and horses and a great horned owlbeast.  Sven dies from the first attack of the game.
  • A horrific trap in the chapel is discovered (first by some bandits)
  • Apparently there are numerous maps to this location ... as found on several bodies
  • Searching the bar again some new clues are discovered
  • The status is covered in alchemical fire and melted, which also semi-disabled the poison gas trap
  • The party made it into the dungeon!  Franc dies as he is covered in green slime dripping from the ceiling.
  • Yurg and Darvick flee ... err ... leave and plan to come back later. 


I think that I need to review my adventure creation / modification process.  Specifically, I haven't run games of this level before, and understanding the balance is a bit tough.  I also think I need to make less abominable henchmen a bit more readily available.  I don't want to make things super easy, but I think that I'll have to scale back a bit to get a feel for the HackMaster intensity at this level.  While a bit heavy on the beer consumption side, it was a good game.