Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Enemies of Man [EoM_01]

The Mind Wizards

They know what you are about to do and, if they don't like it, can make you do something else.  They have plans within plans within plans.  In short, if you think a mind wizard is somehow involved with your current situations, you are doomed.  Rumor has it they can be killed with an unexpected cruel word, but this is probably nonsense.  Suggested method for eradication is a sword in the face.

The mind wizards can usually be differentiated from other wizards because of the helms they wear - strange metal and bone affairs that look similar to cuttlefish (if cuttlefish were intelligent and malign creatures with plans of world domination).

In addition to crazy mind powers, these cruel sorcerers often have a legion of mindless followers, devoted sycophants, and the abilities of a high level mage. The lone mind wizard is even more dangerous because it does not doubt that it can reduce any party of adventurers to ash without minions.

It is said that the mind wizards have a a lair where they all hail from somewhere far from here.  Under their bone and metal masks their human faces indicate that they are not from as far away as one might guess.

Hordes of Ktuth

Abomination from some backwater sludge pit in the Patchwork Kingdom, the Hordes of Ktuth are roving packs of mutant dogs, antelope, and sitched-together men.  Each one is strange and different, but each sept has a particular weakness that can be exploited.  Beware of tentacles sprouting unexpectedly from any part of these things.  They live (if one can use that term) to devour the living and cause havoc wherever they roam.

Silver is their bane, as is cold iron.  They can smell the corrupt and wicked and will play on the fears of the cowardly and insecure.  When not prowling under beads and in the dark of night, the Ktuth can use the dungeons and underworld to travel unseen.

The Ktuth all have one thing in common (separating them from the other Patchwork abominations) - three sets of eyes.  The first sees in this mortal realm, the second into the aesthereal, and the third ... well ... no one is sure just yet but they are freaky.  Also, a propensity to spit acid can be identified if they have the smell of corrosion.

Vicious Savages

Ape-men, neanderthal, throwbacks, cannibals, and all manner of uncivilized folks are out there, don't like you or your kind, and want to cause you harm.  Some might even claim that the village of peasants over there could be considered vicious savages, but they are wearing clothes and don't have proper spears.

Savages have been confused with orcs and other militant humanoids, but they are less organized and, strangely, often much more vicious and brutal.  Whatever their origins, the vicious savage is almost assured to attack with little warning.  For their otherwise idiot demeanor, the bastards can set an ambush like nobody's business.  Also watch out for their crude but effective traps.  

Bronze Warriors of Shun Kai

Strange metallic creatures (often men and often bronze, but not necessarily either) have been spotted.  They are always up to something, but what that is may not make sense.  One shaped like a man with a lion's head and standing nearly 20' tall was found counting flowers in the fields; another looking like an exact duplicate of the villages former constable was destroyed in a pitched battle as it tried to dismember everyone with red hair.  Even when they are doing something apparently innocent, they are dangerous and unpredictable foes.

If combat is unavoidable, they are highly resistant to damage and often have otherwise hidden capabilities - be careful.  They can be reasoned with if you can understand their "logic".

False Men

Apparently there are some sort of bio-necromancers out there that make these things.  They appear exactly like men, albeit with fairly bland personalities, and most often have strange heads - like antenna, or tentacles with mouths, or oozing puddles that vomit themselves out of the neck to form words.  The dangerous ones have normal people heads.  If asked a name before one is given, they are all named Paul.

The most common versions have strange metal parts.  They are, however, nothing like the Bronze Warriors.  False men want to interact with the world and, for the most part, be productive or at least useful members of society.  Some of them, however, have gone completely off the deep end and make fearsome and deadly foes.

Many would speculate that the false men who seem to be blending in are actually part of plot that will spell complete disaster.  Others think they are lost and wayward souls.  Whatever the situation, false men are strong, fast, and all exhibit some strange abilities that make them more deadly than they appear.

Giant Vermin

Huge bugs are out there and want something you've got - usually your fluids.  A swarm of fist sized beetles doesn't seem too terrifying until you are underneath their stinking crawling weight and being pierced with a thousand hollow needles that are attempting to drink your eye juice.  Also huge rats, big spiders, and snakes, and all manner of thing.

Watch out for the scorpions -they can talk like people to trick folks into getting close.  The huge pill bugs are known to steal corpses.  The spiders are cunning, and the giant rats are pack hunters.