Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Critical Hits

Critical Hits are an integral part of Hackmaster, but the current process doesn't feel as awesome as I want it to.  Also, the charts as they exist are ridiculous.  Numerous repeat entries, far too many body parts and location, and generally not exciting.  WHFRP hit the nail on the head with their critical charts.  They are BRUTAL.  So ... a combination of things that is, in the end, easier I think.

d12d10000 Location  1-56-1011-1516-2021-2526-30
1-31-2500LegsM10%C1 RM25%C2   RS2D1M25%C3   RS3D1M50%C4  RS4D2M50%C5RS6D2M75%C6
 10-11  7501-9167ArmsC1D1C2RD1C3RD2C4RS2D2C5RS3D3C6
12 9168-10000  Head RS3D1C1  RS4D2C2RS6D3C3RS8D3M10%C4 RS10D4M10%C5   RS12D4M25%C6 

d12d10000 Location  31-3536-4041-4546-5051+
 10-11  7501-9167ArmsRS4D3C7RS6D4C8RS8D4C9RS10D5C10C11+(1d6-1)
12 9168-10000  Head RS20D5M25%C7   RS20D5M25%C8   RS20D6M50%C9   RS20D7M75%C10   C11+(1d6-1) 

The Codes
C: critical hit result (see below)
M: Move - indicates percent of movement reduction until the wound heals
R: count reset
S: stun result, number indicates die result (S4 = stunned for 1d4 seconds)
D: extra dice of damage (D3 = +3d of damage, always use higher die first for odd numbers and multiple damage dice)

The Critical Results
I like the various types of critical hits listed on the Winds of Chaos site.  Arrows can be used for piercing weapons with a bit of modification.  Of course, the charts are all in WHFRP speak, so some translation is necessary.  I'll make a PDF of the charts with the HackMaster conversion.  The results are permanent (in the case of lopped off parts) or last until the wound is healed.  The severity 51+ crit causes a critical result of 11-15.