Friday, November 25, 2016

Random NPC stuff I thought about at TGD Dinner

Quick NPC Tables
Sometimes one needs an NPC - and fast!  Rolling stats and creating backgrounds or even dealing with actual rules can suck.  Here are 3 tables.  Any time you use a result, cross it off and replace it with something more interesting.

Name: roll 1d10
  1. Windbag Chad
  2. Donut Farmboy
  3. Pickle Fishknuckle
  4. Angus Buttworms
  5. Choiremouse Orduer
  6. Professor Astro Mayhem
  7. Evil Doug
  8. Ocho The Bloodletter
  9. Patterson Duckfoot
  10. Shake-hands Jon
Skill: roll 1d10
  1. Inexplicably Lucky
  2. Great at holding torches
  3. Johhny on the spot for handing you what you need
  4. Fluent in 1d4 rare languages
  5. Has a bit of magical potential
  6. Really good with animals
  7. Smells like raw meat
  8. Really small
  9. Handy with a spear (but not a sword)
  10. Possibly invisible to undead
Unfortunate Things: roll 1d10
  1. Actually a spy from another adventuring group
  2. Totally evil (50% inept at hiding it)
  3. Quite loud at everything
  4. Rubs everyone the wrong way
  5. Slow at everything
  6. Has a pet pig that must come along
  7. Steals stupid or very useful (but not necisarrily valuable) things
  8. Target of an assassination, party is in the way
  9. Runaway noble kid, mom and dad will blame party
  10. Far too curious for anyone's good