Sunday, November 27, 2016

Random Dwarf Encounters

The Dwarf in Dawn of Eradu is a nasty fellow. They are cannibals and have a thing for creating crosses made of bones and hanging victims on them right before setting the whole thing on fire.
  • They aren't "grumpy and dour" - they just don't have time for your shit and are mean.
  • They don't "lust for gold and beer" - they have darker desires and drown their woes with alcohol as much as the next man.
  • They don't "take great pride in their beards" - they don't bother to shave while in the "World of the Putrescent."
  • They aren't miners of exceptional skill" - they are digging for something down there that they don't like to talk about with the likes of you...

What Are they Wearing?
Dwarf clothing is not for the faint of heart.
  1. Tanned hides of their ancestors
  2. Fresh skins of some unfortunate bandits
  3. Tattooed leathers made from Mokk flesh
  4. Extra thick giant's leather studded with fragments of sharp stone
  5. Bloodied fancy clothing from a noble
  6. Starched cloth woven from victim's hair
  7. A toga made from a single prepared slice of Nalgra skin
  8. Vest made from a particularly hairy chest
  9. Cloak of faces sewn so they are all smiling happily
  10. A still squirming Patchwork thing that has been flayed open

What Do They Have With Them?
Personal possessions other than clothing are rare.
  1. 1d6 human slaves who have already been pierced and branded
  2. A stone chest they haven't figured out how to unlock yet. It hums.
  3. 1d4+2 Saruis bodies on bone crosses held high
  4. A terrible beast in a cage they keep poking with sharp sticks
  5. A large fey creature, possibly a Vulgar Forest Troll, in chains and looking defeated
  6. A palanquin with some indulgent perverse nobles getting drunk
  7. The stolen machine of a Death Wizard Queen ... her minions are near
  8. A newborn human child the dwarf will defend and protect to their death
  9. 1d6+4 statues of dwarf in various states of shock and violence
  10. Nothing ... they are on the hunt and travelling light

Mutation of the Leader?
Most have minor physical aberrations, the most intense mutants become leaders.
  1. Mouth is huge and filled with rotating screw-like teeth
  2. Skin is flexible metal impervious to normal weapons
  3. You can see his bones glowing under his flesh
  4. Leaves a trail of burnt debris where he walks, eyes literally smoking
  5. Huge bat wings, rumors of "words of lightning"
  6. 1d6 additional arms, all of them with a weapon
  7. Melts all flesh with his touch (a bit insane and lonely)
  8. Arms are tentacles, legs hidden under long robes but squeal often
  9. Can turn invisible, but when he does his shadow goes on a murderous rampage
  10. Only has one eye, but it is a big eye that can see invisible things and is a laser eye

  • The Mokk are a lion-humanoid species known for crazy tempers, enslaving folks, and having intricate tattoos.
  • The Nalgra are long serpentine creatures that whisper secrets they have stolen from children and thieves.
  • Saruis were once a master race that used dwarf labor to mine for them. The race has fallen into degeneracy.