Monday, November 28, 2016

Random Savage Encounters

The Dreadful Wilderness is a terrible and dangerous place. Even the most skilled ranger never lets her guard down. Sorcerers are all over the place doing who-knows-what, freakish creatures wander the land tearing human travelers various new holes, and to top it all off there are savages. Once human (or arguably still human ... sort of) these freaks are always more than slightly dangerous.
  • A battle, once started, is always to the death.  Savages never retreat and never surrender.
  • Parley is an option, but each savage tribe has something different they want or respect.
  • Savages aren't mindless killing machines, but they aren't the most intelligent of foes.
  • Cannibals.  All of them. Seriously - they want to eat you, it is just a matter of if they have an opportunity.

What Do They Look Like?
Each tribe has a particular mode of dress.
  1. Ragged animal hides
  2. Looted Imperial armor with crested helms
  3. Fancy nobility clothing - they see no difference between a doublet and a gown
  4. Loin cloth and open vest
  5. Shiny purple trousers and natty hats
  6. Military uniforms, hair style determines rank
  7. Pinstriped white shirt and pants, two-tone face paint
  8. Kilts and Woad and a lot of spiked hair
  9. Three-piece suits ... made of human skin
  10. Nude - dongs swinging and heavily pierced
  11. Flak vests and desert camouflage clothes
  12. Space suits, only the elite have mirrored helmets

What are they Wielding?
Weapons tend to be similar among a tribe, but there are various.
  1. Spiked baseball bats
  2. Rusty two-handed swords
  3. Cobbled together pole arms, mostly pikes and halberds
  4. Spear and shield, javelins in a pack on their back
  5. Big-ass hunting knife and a 9mm pistols
  6. Weaponized hedge clippers
  7. Bolo, nets, and pointy sticks
  8. Bow and arrow; leaders have crossbows
  9. Flame throwers
  10. R-89 Light Pulse Rifle with E-phase modulators

What are they Up To?
Savages aren't just wandering around looking for things to kill.
  1. Looking for another tribe of Savages to (1-3) fight or (4-6) trade with
  2. Under orders from some Sorcerer
  3. Searching for lost tribe members (50% children have been abducted)
  4. Hauling some huge machine somewhere
  5. Under the influence of weird mushrooms - they are oddly friendly
  6. Playing a sport of some kind, 50% with another tribe, 50% it is to the death
  7. Returning from a conquest loaded down with loot
  8. Scouting, 25% they were trying to spy on the party
  9. Looking to kill the party, eat them, and loot their stuff
  10. Looking to torture the party, then kill them, eat them, and loot their stuff
  11. Looking for the party to ask for help
  12. Running from a large powerful monster that is right behind them!