Monday, April 11, 2016

Planescape 5e Bard [PS5]

I've always hated the Bard as an adventuring class - it never worked for me within type of fantasy I imagined.  The "Jack of All Trades" might be a fine character for an adventure story, but when there is a party of adventurers, they become lesser and, in short, the asshole with the lute.  They can inspire the party ... ok ... so what?  Instead why don't they just do something useful and make the party better by being awesome?

My long-standing dislike of bards has lead me to create a bard character for a 5e game I'm going to be playing in. I think I still feel the same way about the bard class after making this guy, but I am digging the crazy Planescape background.  Metal/punk bard half-gith slave escpaed from the Gehenna slave pits of Mongoth ... with a little bit of dragon-blood sorcerer thrown in for extra metal.

Also, I rolled a complete statistical anomoly, even with 4d6 drop the lowest standard.  Since we are bringing characters, I made sure the GM was ok with it first because the chances of rolling a 18 are 1.6%, on a set of 6 scores rolling at least 1 18 is 9%, at least 2 of them is .4% and 3 ... well, that is less than 1 in 10,000.  Mind you I also got a 5 ... but WHAT?  I wouldn't believe a player if they brought this to my table.

We shall see if this character changes my bard mind ... likely not, but it may be hellafun to play for a while.