Saturday, April 23, 2016

History in Brief [DoE]

I've always liked a bit of history with my settings, but the folks often go on and on and get into insignificant detail. They often ten make a history exceedingly long and focused on dates - the entire fantastic nature of this other world is lost on me. Leaving gaps in the details also allows for easy customization.

The history of Eradu is somewhat known to my players, but it was always suitably vague to the players and characters to never be a point of conflict. This also allows me to massage it for the next campaign.  An alternate Eradu - numerous familiar aspects, but different from the original.  Below are the Ages of Eradu

Age of Precursors - Eradu was created and those that created it thrived
Time of Dreams - The world changed with the great dreaming; heroes were born
Sorcerer Lords - Dark wizards took control of the land and enslaved all for their dark masters
The Uprising - Slaves threw off their shackles and tok back the world

Golden Ages
Tide of Nations - Great nations were born and civilization thrived on peace and trade
Days of Steel - Technology advances, and with it the aims and goals of all sentient kind
Arcane Revival - Magic, lost since antiquity, is rediscovered and begins a new era
Rise of the Technoarchanists - Technology and Magic merge into super science and sorcery

Dark Ages
Alien Arival - the first of the Graijax arrive and awaken ancient fear ... and they destroyed the moon
The Great War - nation turns against nation; war rages across the land and societies collapse
Patchwork Bloom - The Patchwork finds a crack opened by the Great War and blooms in Eradu
Lost Years - Unknown time passes, the world rearranges itself, and the new ways emerge

Dawn - Safe in Haven, adventurers begin to explore the world again