Monday, May 5, 2014

Underworld Bestiary: Paragons

There are some things that are just ... well ... more than others: beasts of unholy intelligence, terrifying abominations, colossal examples of otherwise huge creatures.  These monsters are thankfully rare, but they are powerful well beyond expectation.  These are the Paragons.

Paragon Encounters
The region inhabited by a paragon usually takes on some of the paragon's form.  The Dungeon reacts to the existence of something it created that has drown well beyond the normal confines.  Some sort of huge weaponized slug mat live in corridors that smoothly spiral.  A cannibal ogre paragon likely stalks a region where the walls are made of bloody bones and the floors stink of putrid bile.  No matter what the environment, though, paragons are far more powerful than their kin.  If the Underworld seems to be changing keep an eye out for a terrible encounter

  • The name of a paragon has power over the creature
  • Paragon's are created from leaks from the Patchwork into the Underworld
  • All paragon's have a secret weakness that can be exploited
  • Most paragons are raised up by the King in Yellow or the Red Witch of Jer
  • The paragons, like adventurers, are pawns in some terrible game between the Yellow and the Red
  • The paragon's themselves are often the most fabulous of treasures - a claw from Kerik the Lord of Berzerks was said to be once sold for nearly $500
Known Paragons
  • Kerik the Lord of Berzerks
    • Seen in the Vault of Pain
    • The essence of rage in the form of an man
  • Shuol Guot of the Many Mouths
    • Known to crawl in the Signs of Madness
    • A gigantic snail created by a Follower of Ktuth
  • Tycho Trollking
    • An underworld troll grown fat by devouring his kin
    • Skin of stone is immune to fire and acid
  • Lop the Rabbit
    • An undead abomination that roams the Tomb of Dust
    • It is said to "heal" wounds by pilfering from corpses in the tombs
  • Zerlwar the Enormous
    • A giant's giant deep in the Machinus
    • He cannot refuse a bet (but is a terrible cheater)
  • Stik & Stak - the Boar Brothers 
    • A pair of underworld boar that have been fused into a single beast
    • If you survive the charge of iron tusks beware the biting tails