Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Underworld Bestiary: Orcs of the Black Fortress


Orc is a general term for all manner of beastmen.  There are generally humanoid body parts right until you get to the head which has some terrible bestial features from a jutting muzzle to a full ferocious animal head.  Within any given band of orc one can find any handful of weird heads, strange weapons, and cobbled armor.

The orc of the Black Fortress, however, are all very similar.  They stand about a head taller than a man and are wider from both girth and muscle.  Their skin ranged from drab olive to a forest green - their eyes are yellow and sickly.  Unlike many other beastfolk tribes, they all share characteristics of a boarlike nature - porcine snouts, tusks, and thick black bristled manes.

Monster Lore

  • They aren't wearing black iron armor - their skin is actually made of sheets of overlapping flesh and iron
  • Each black iron weapon is grown from a part of the orc which is why they are all so strange
  • Black Orc are not from the Underworld - they are from elsewhere
  • All other orc are their fetid spawn - they are the father race
  • If one can learn their language, the black orc can be negotiated with
  • The Black Fortress is built around a well leading directly to the Hell of Yuur

Sightings & Encounters

The Orc of the Black Fortress are most often seen in the Vault of Pain looting and enslaving.  They most often travel in small bands and have a distinct leader.  Worst of all, however, is they use some rudimentary tactics.  While it is expected that the average black orc is not much smarter than a toddler, imagine an angry toddler with a 4' black iron sword who doesn't want to take a nap and thinks you ate her cookies.  Don't underestimate them.

Notes on Combat

They are smart - this is the first things to know.  Some are said to travel with an orc wizard.  Rumors of a poison infused into their blades is common but unverified.  One thing for sure, though, is that want to take you prisoner and, if that happens, you won't be seen again.