Wednesday, May 21, 2014

D&D 5e

They've announced some release dates (I think) and the new covers.  Personally I don't care as I'm a Hackmaster boy these days (although many RPGs have something worthwhile).  Lots of love the cover hate the cover nonsense - I really could care less.  However, this is an excellent alternate cover set.  Well done.  Very Olde Schoole.

Some folks ask why D&D 5e is a big deal.  It isn't.  It is just another iteration of rules.  It won't bring old schoolers back into the fold, 3.5 kids will likely remain where they are and 4e people who spent the cash will be hesitant to drop another $200, and fanboys will declare it the BEST THING EVER.

I'll download and peruse when they are available (SCANDAL!) but likely never play and almost definitely never buy.  Heck - these days I'm only buying indie RPG products (d30 sandbox companion and kickstarter location cards for example).  I haven't even bought anything from Kenzerco because I'm frankly unimpressed. 

What do other people think?