Monday, April 21, 2014

Underworld Beastiary: Tunnel Worm


These segmented monstrosities slither the halls and tunnels of the underworld leaving a thick mucus behind them.  They are most often grey or
brown and range in size from 3 to 12 feet in length.  The tunnel worm gives off a scent similar to that of sour milk.

Monster Lore

The slime of these creatures is known as "worms' milk" and thought to have many curative properties when drunk or applied to open wounds.  There are underworld cults that worship the worm and protect them with their savage spears and odd traps - the cults drinking copious amounts of the milk to attain visions of the true nature of the Great Worm from which all tunnels worms were born and who lives in the lowest depths, praise unto Her and her Yellow King.

The tunnel worm is believed to primarily feed on fungus and carrion, although they have been known to deliver a rather nasty bite to anyone foolish enough to poke at them.

Sightings & Encounters

At this point there have been no confirmed sightings, although several rumors and stories can surely be found.  Dirk Woodcock, an underworld game-hunter and adventurer is the leading expert on the Tunnel Worm and uses for the "milk".

Some Combat Notes

  • Slow moving, but with hide like leather armor
  • It rarely attacks, preferring to flee from danger by curling to a ball (defense as chain armor)
  • When it does attack it is fairly accurate (hits average guy perhaps 65% of the time) 
  • The damage from the bite and excreted juices are akin to being struck with a longsword.
  • As a last ditch effort to flee the worm can spray it's mucus that acts like a sticky web over a 20' area
  • rumor has it that some worms sport huge fangs, do double damage, and are very aggressive