Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lore of the Halls

Dungeon Lore
Abilities: Int & Wis          Cost: 5          Universal: Yes
Prerequisites: must be an adventurer          Materials/Tools: none

A skill that is universal among adventurers, but not other folks.  Those with dungeon lore (untrained or otherwise) can feel the underworld around them and have some intrinsic knowledge of it.  The knowledge often seems to appear from thin air - almost as though a collective consciousness is at work.  Dungeon Lore is similar in some ways to Monster Lore (but does not replace it) and is often used as the equivalent of an Underworld Survival skill.  More than anything, though, dungeon lore gives insight into the madness of the underworld, the dungeon, and the Perilous halls of Sorrow.  As one increases in mastery level rumor has it that the character becomes less human and more Hollow.

 Mastery  The Character Can
 Untrained Sense the general presence of an underworld bloom 
 Novice Identify the moment when transitioning from underground to underworld 
 Average Identify underworld entry points upon scrutiny
 Advanced   Automatically identify a Region previously visited
 Expert Automatically identify a Level previously visited
 Master Sense when the Dungeon has become Agitated
 Paragon Identify NPCs of a known level by sight
 Legend Determine the direction of an egress by the patterns of the stonework

 Task Difficulty
 Identify underworld plant or fungus as edible   Average
 Identify the current Region being explored Average
 Identify the current Level being explored  Hard
 Recall a memory about an underworld NPC that has just been met    Hard
 Know a potential weakness of a Boss Monster  Very Hard 
 Know the probably location of an egress or portal of an identified level   Legendary