Sunday, April 20, 2014

Session Report: The Perilous Halls [O1]

The Opening

The Brotherhood of the Dirk had been traveling on that road for what seemed like eternity.  As they left the Plain of Broken Stone they made their way to the village of Cherryvale known, at least according to Dirk Lovejoy (the socially adept and rakish rake of the group) they valued family above all else.  As they approached the gate they could see the smouldering remains of a field and farm in the distance.

The gates were readily opened and the lie about coming to visit their aunt was quickly dismissed as the townsfolk seemed both wary and excited that adventurers had arrived.  Each of the Dirks could feel the presence of a dungeon nearby - their bones ached and seemed to cry out for it.  Now they just needed a little direction.

Father Chayne approached the group and, offering his guidance as the local moral authority and priestly figure, asked them to investigate some unfortunate happening.  ... and so it began ...

The Party

While pregens were provided, the players picked their names.  The party was as follows:

Dirk Woodock - a fighter with a two handed sword, knowledge of monsters, and strong command of language
Dirk Lovejoy - a fighter/thief who was a smooth and snarky and was the only one who actually equipped himself for the dungeon
Dirk Humblejunk - a cleric of the Eternal Lantern who really really likes the ladies

With all three characters named Dirk, the tone for the game was set.  A little ridiculous hilarity would definitely help once things in the dungeon got nasty.  Also, playing online, you just need to go with the flow :)

Adventure Highlights

  • Advantage of the villagers was taken (put it on the bishop's tab)
  • The adventurers were praised and then something terrible happened
  • They awoke in the Underworld ... great ...
  • A secret passage behind a wardrobe that contained a (mostly) broken trap
  • The stink of sour milk ... probably milk from the tunnel worms ... a whole basin of it!
  • Lovejoy stuck his hand in the basin of goo ... nothing found but stick hands
  • They discovered an iron maiden with a dwarf skeleton
  • Fireplace with a ladder down ... and some sort of giant wasp thing
  • Lovejoy threw the metal grate on the wasp thing and wrecked it
  • Humbejunk set the dwarf bones on fire and said a prayer
  • A library filled with mold and soggy papers ... and 2 intact books (one of them magicy)
  • Woodcock claimed a wad of papers that are "important"
  • Lovejoy climbed on a book case which collapsed, revealing a hidden stair
  • down the stairs ... webs and cocoons?  best get the lamp oil because fire fixes all
  • Humblejunk  was attacked by a gigantic spider things
  • Then two more joined the fray
  • A strange wound (possibly casued by Lovejoy's short sword) on Dirk's arm began to wail and moan!
  • The spider creatures are destroyed and wounds are bound
  • looting the cocoons and digging about the webs they find
    • a trail of dried slime from one of the of the room to the other
    • a silver brooch
    • a pouch of copper coins (a bigger deal in HM5e than in D&D)

Thoughts About Running Online

Damn that is tough.  In real life when everyone talks at once the GM can just wave their hand and get on with the game; online less so.  Also, I notice I tend to use my hands and lots of body language while GMing - and that doesn't translate as well over Hangouts.  Lastly, I think I need to take advantage of the technology a bit more ... pictures and such ... I'll look into that.  Any advice folks have I'm happy to listen to.  Overall, though, it was a fun game.