Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lusus Naturae

I've had the pdf for a bit but recently received my hard copy of Lusus Naturae.  Reading through this has inspired dozens of ideas for a new campaign just this afternoon.  The physical book is very good quality, but the material is, in short, spectacular. 

Rather than being just a collection of creatures, the book weaves a complex tale of possibilities by the creatures referencing each other.  The party might encounter the Oocytic Warden or Elana Suur ... which will invariably lead to a search for Davinia Marrow.  Of course, that will tie into encounters with marauding beasts that portend the coming of the Mallison.  On top of everything else, there is a sweet monster generator in the back few pages that create more than just a set of stats, but horrible monstrosities with motives and style.

Rafael Chandler kicked some serious ass putting this together.  I'm going to have to get a hard copy of Teratic Tome too.  Maybe Pandemonio as well.  Get your hands on a (legal) copy - this guy deserves your loot.