Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rumors from Aldsburg

These are generated from the players in my group from the game on September 7, 2014.  I'm writing them up and just adding a bit of detail where appropriate, but all credit goes to the players!

(1) In the shantytown outside of the tower there is a particular hovel (looks like all the others) that is offering up high end drugs.  I heard that some nobles are even wandering down to slum a bit and partake in these rare treats.  Sounds like a prime target for some robbery.

(2) The Red Shield mercenaries have been taking over territory from the Magnolia Street Runners.  The interesting part is that Cid, one of the leaders of the MSR Council, is apparently thinking about defecting and might need some protection.  Could be very lucrative.

(3) Some adventurer named Henderson has been hanging about at the Red Spot yammering about exploring the Undercity by an entrance on Dexter Street.  He said he saw some small green freaks that were wielding blades of steel.  Actual Steel!  Steel weapons are worth a pretty penny and, perhaps more-so, would be an awesome status symbol.

(4) Old Brighound sais that Clarissa's Praetoria were cracking down on the religious types in Wormwood Scrub.  Wouldn't matter too much but a mutual mate of Brighound and me got roughed up and I sort of owe him a favor.  Also, what the hell doesn't Clariss's guard care about the fanatics in Wormwood?

(5) Murders most foul!  One thing for sure is that there have been more murders recently - and weird ones at that.  People waking up next to their dead husband or parents finding all of their children with their throats cut.  Some folks say that Footpads of Kane (Kane being a dark god of Murder) are aligned with the freaking ratmen in the Undercity.  This is bad.

(6) Found scrawled in many places around the city written by many hands: "Death is Coming".  That is freaky if it isn't just a damn prank.

(7) Over in the Tumbledowns someone has been bum rushing the itinerants - busting in on them in the middle of the night, beating them, dragging them into the street, shitting and pissing on them, and stealing what little they have.  Who would do that?  We could make some good contacts if we helped out, I'm sure.

(8) Abandoned/Haunted Bakery - haunted, none have returned.  Gold and jewels.  Hella Yea!  Like 20 years ago there was a free halfling family living there and then one night the wife took an axe and went all bloodbath murder-hobo on her wife and two kids!  Even after she was hung they say that the ghosts of her husband and kids still attack any who enter.  Also, they were rich as hell - hence the gold and jewels.  Rich pissed off ghosts.

(9) There have been some nasty rumors that a cult worshiping one of the Old Gods and is trying to summon demons to do their bidding.  Fucking wizards are no good!  We can't let some demons start causing trouble in our town.  Hell No!  We should find this cult and kick their asses and smash their stuff and take all of their loot.  You know - for the good of Lions Teeth Tower and All of Aldsburg.