Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Enemies of Man: The Chain Roach [EoM_5]

First up, the original idea is from this awesome blog.  Something really struck me about how absolutely horrible these things would be.  I thought I'd HackMaster it up a bit because damn right the Chain Roach is going to show up in Eradu (likely deep in the Undercity of Aldsburg or possibly rampage in the streets of the Aldsburg Warrens.  Who even knows anymore!).

The Chain Roach [Hacked]
When roaches are swarming over the corpse of some fallen being slick with the oiled resedue of magic (a gobbet of quivering flesh from the Patchwork or that 5th level mage you loved so much) there is the occasional shard of shadow for the Patchwork that binds the things together.

They grow immense (for roaches at least) and are connected to each other ass-to-mouth in descending size.  They slither along like centipedes but their true nature is much more foul.
image stolen from some blog
where it was uncredited
HP: 10+4d6
Size: Small / 20#
Tenacity: Fearless
Intelligence: non
Fatigue: n/a
Move: walk 15/run 25
Save: P+5 M+0 D+2

Init: -2
Speed: 10
Atk: +5
Damage: disgust & disease
Def: +0
DR: 4 (10 Crushing)

Number Appearing: 1-6
Chance in Lair: 0%
Frequency: Rare
Alignment: Non
Vision: poor
Awareness: vibration
Habitat:  filthy underground
Diet: every damn thing
Ogranization: Swarm
Climate: all but arctic

Yield: Nothing
XP: 67
A successful "attack" by a roach chain means the damnable thing has climbed onto you searching for whatever morsels it can find.  Character must make a saving throw vs Poison (vs d20p+max chain roach HP) or be frozen with disgust.

An attempt every 5 seconds can be made to throw the thing off with a successful Feat of Strength (vs d20p + (max roach HP/5)).  Any physical attacks against a roach chain climbing on someone will hit the character 50% of the time (no matter if the chain roach is hit or not, including attacks from the character being climbed on).  A character can make an unarmed attack (-4 to hit) to grab it giving them a +5 to their FoS to rip the damn thing off.

Worse than all that, the things are diseased. Roll 1d6 to determine what kind.

1-3: Black Rash
4-5: Flesh Rot
6: Plague

Starting with the first second a character is crawled on and every 10 second thereafter they are exposed to whatever nasty bug the nasty bugs are carrying.  There is a (max roach HP)% chance of being exposed - use the specific disease for communicability and severity rolls. 

They live in underground filth.  Sewers, dungeon, that sort of thing.  Rumors that some swamps have them is unverified, but we wou;dn't be surprised.  Giant Roach Chain?  Nasty. 

These are creatures of the Underworld.  They eat and grow until they die.  Rumors of Scarf Roaches double the size (20+8d6 HP) that have strange scraps of metal as part of their weirdness have been reported as well.  These fuckers actually do damage 1d3 per hit ignoring DR.  Each wound increases the chance of disease exposure by 10%.