Thursday, January 30, 2014

Spell Examples from the Spell Inspiration Guide

Using the Spell Inspiration pdf from a  previous post I created a set of 10 spells for various totems.  I rolled 4 words for each and picked one or two as inspiration.  Where appropriate, I used an actual HackMaster spell and added some specific flavor text (I'm not lazy, I'm efficient).  If anyone else throws together a few spells, add them to the comments - I'd love to see what other folks get up to.

Spotted Pelt of Warmth [Level 1, Bobcat]
 Casting Time: 2s Range: Touch Area of Effect: 1 person
 Duration: 15 minutes / level Saving Throw: n/a Boost: increase duration 1 SP / minute

With the uttering of this incantation, the fine hair grows thicker to cover the caster with the fine spotted pelt of the bobcat spirit.  This spell will protect the caster against frigid cold weather (deep winter, but not arctic levels of cold) such that they are comfortable as a pleasant spring day.  In addition, it will protect against any cold-based attacks providing 1 DR, but that protection will cause the hair to fall out and dissipate the spell.  Quite often the pelt will leave hair and whiskers well after the spell has expired.

The Affirmation of Course [Level 2, Goose]
 Casting Time: 6s Range: Self Area of Effect: caster
 Duration: instantaneous Saving Throw: n/a Boost: additional location 35 SP

As the goose will fly south each autumn and return north in the spring, this spell allows the caster to concentrate and summon the sense and knowledge of his totem to understand true north in any circumstances (at least those that circumstances in which north is a direction which exists).  The caster will also know the direction (although not necessarily directions) of a specific location known to the caster such as the entrance to the underworld or their favorite room in the cozy inn tucked into birch woods of the Bleeding Glade.

Occlusive Condensation [Level 3, Water]
 Casting Time: (as Bedazzle) Range: (as Bedazzle) Area of Effect:(as Bedazzle)
 Duration: (as Bedazzle) Saving Throw: (as Bedazzle) Boost: (as Bedazzle)

A column of mist erupts from the air itself in the target area.  The water vapors condense on the targets causing blindness (water over the target's eyes) or stunning the target (from the shock of sudden water condensation). This spell mechanically works exactly like the 3rd level mage spell Bedazzle.

Screeching Calls of the Greedy Suitor [Level 4, Harpy]
 Casting Time:4s Range:60' Area of Effect: 20' diameter circle
 Duration: 1 minute / level Saving Throw: mental negates   Boost: range 5'/SP; area 5'/2 SP; duration 1 min/ 10 SP

With an ear splitting screech, the mage channels the harpy's cry and let's loose with a strange song that causes those within the target area to become so greedy that everything outside of their sudden desire to have the caster (and all that that implies) as their own.  The targets will fight amongst themselves and attempt to destroy all other suitors.  If a suitor gets close enough to the caster terrible vile things may be attempted, and those will need to be dealt with.  When the spell ends, however, the targets of the spell will be utterly disgusted with the caster and themselves, which has potential consequences as well.

Bone-white Smile of Precarious Trust [Level 5, Teeth]
 Casting Time: (as panic) Range: (as panic) Area of Effect: (as panic)
 Duration: (as panic) Saving Throw: mental, backfire Boost: (as panic)

With a terrible grin, the caster enchants his own teeth such that the spell will cause those affected to suddenly trust the sorcerer because of this amazing charming smile.  The targets will allow the sorcerer to pass unharmed and even potentially protect him from harm.  However, those who make their saving throw will target the smug caster with everything they have, even so far as ignoring danger to themselves to quench their hate.  When the spell wears off the targets are left feeling uneasy.

The Awful Cacophany of Honey'd Feathers [Level 6, Owlbeast]
 Casting Time: (as viscous webbing) Range: (as viscous webbing) Area of Effect: (as viscous webbing)
 Duration: (as viscous webbing) Saving Throw:  (as viscous webbing) Boost: (as viscous webbing)

The owlbeast wizard performs a strange dance where feathers from his totem creature appear swirling in the air.  Once the growling begins, though, the sticky sweet honey that the bear aspect of her totem desires also begins to seep from the feathery mass.  This spell mechanically works exactly like the 6th level mage spell Vicsous Webbing.  However, the mage must also make a saving throw against the spell (d20p+level+bonus vs. d12p+level) or be affected by the delicious mess and move into it.  Insects (such as deadly Ilkori Fire Ants) and other creatures may be attracted by the honey.

Bellow of Ersatz Spite [Level 7, Minotaur]
 Casting Time: (as induce fratricide) Range: (as induce fratricide) Area of Effect: (as induce fratricide)
 Duration: (as induce fratricide) Saving Throw:  (as induce fratricide) Boost: (as induce fratricide)

With a mighty roar and stamping of feet, the rage that fills the minotaur flows visually into the targets of this spell as a trickle of deep red blood that flows from the caster's mouth, nose, ears, and elsewhere and into the victims who will turn on the nearest creature to beat, bludgeon, slice, and otherwise mutilate the target. This spell mechanically works exactly like the 7th level mage spell Induce Fratricide.

Shuddering Aura of Viscous Paralysis [Level 8, Slithering Tracker]
 Casting Time: (as paralysis)  Range: (as paralysis) Area of Effect: (as paralysis)
 Duration: (as paralysis) Saving Throw:  (as paralysis) Boost: (as paralysis)

The slime gods that support this wizard allow them to expel form their very skin a thick puddle of thick goo.  Any who step into this sticky mess are likely paralyzed. This spell mechanically works exactly like the 8th level mage spell Paralysis.

Impressive Thunderclap [Level 9, Peacock]
 Casting Time: (as preemptive retribution) Range: (as preemptive retribution) Area of Effect: (as preemptive retribution)
 Duration: (as preemptive retribution) Saving Throw:  (as preemptive retribution) Boost: (as preemptive retribution)

A huge plume of peacock feathers made from the energy of they sky crackle a warning to all who would attack the mage.  When set off, the spell inflicts 2d8p damage on the target but also let's loose a tremendous thunderclap.  That thunderclap will cause all within 20' of the mage to make a morale check or be stunned by the impressive discharge (pause action for 1d4 seconds).  Other than the spell damage and the thunderclap, this spell is mechanically identical to the 9th level mage spell Preemptive Retribution.

Portentous Call of the Sunrise [Level 10, Hawk]
 Casting Time: (as fly) Range: (as fly) Area of Effect: (as fly)
 Duration: (as fly) Saving Throw:  (as fly) Boost: (as fly)

As dawn breaks the great hawk will soar into the heavens to view the landscape, wings filled with power and promise warming on the rising sun's morning rays.  This spell works all the time (not just the dawn) and is mechanically the same as the 10th level mage spell Fly.