Friday, January 31, 2014

Some magical items found in Eradu

Permanent magic items in Eradu are rarely all beneficial.  The binding of spells and patchwork essence invariably brings with it some (usually) unforseen side effects.  Here are a few examples.

Casimiro [+3 hard steel longsword]

A longsword with outstanding damage capabilities and a temper to match.  Casimiro speaks and cheers on the warrior who wields him - "excellent strike!", "spill his fetid blood upon the ground!", and so on.  When a damage die penetrates, roll two penetrating d8s instead of just one.  The GM should note each time this happens.  When the wielder rolls a natural "1" on attack, Casmiro will punish the wielder by causing the next attacks to strike the wielder (cas d20+3 attack, wielder d8+mods defense) causing damage equal to 1d8+ the number of bonus damage dice from penetration.  This will be accompanied by taunts and general distainful remarks - "You have the finess of a boar!", "You disgrace your people!", and the like.  Once the punishment has completed, though, Casimiro will apologize and cajole and continue to battle on.

Crown of Bone and Flame

While anyone could conceivably wear this, it is designed for mages and other arcane casters.  It is the twisted spine of some Patchwork creature (although some claim it was forged from the bones of a Mind Wizard) that is terrible in form and deceptive in purpose.  If worn, the crown will drive deep into the skull of the one who wears it becoming a permanent thing (-3 to Charisma or Looks, but a +20% chance of actions based on intimidation).  Any spell cast by the bearer of this crown has a reduced spell point cost of 10% but at a 15% reduction in any Experience or Karma gained.  As the first spell is cast the crown will erupt in flames (magical, some light, no damage, won't set things on fire) that last for 10 minutes per level of the spell (cumulative).

The mage can increase this reduction in SP cost (in 10% increments) up to 50%, but the experience and karma loss are alwats 150% of the SP reduction.  In addition, all spells cast with this SP reduction have a chance (1% at 10% reduction, 5% at 50% reduction) of a mishap as the power of the Kingdom surges through their body.  Also, creatures from the Patchwork Kingdom are drawn to the flames.

The Wand of Terrible Keys

Said to be carved from the thigh bone of the Jaquray Hydr, this wand will open any lock!  Of course, each time the wand is used there is a cumulative 1% chance that the door opens to the Patchwork Kingdom, the Machine Core, into a Dungeon (or different Dungeon), or somewhere else that isn't really at all where the party wants to be (at which point the count resets).  Doors that open in such a manner have a 50% chance of having something unpleasant waiting on the other side, likely ready to cause woe and destruction.

The Wand of Terrible Keys will usually have 1d6p+6 charges when found.  It can be recharged (to 1d6p+6 charges) by being submerged in the blood of a hydra for 24 hours.  Legend has it that the wand can be used to unlock the soul stone of some dragons and may even be able to open the hearts and minds of those who have shut themselves off from the world.  Hope and pray that such individuals are not made unwilling victims of possession by things most foul.

Ogular's Magnificent Horn

When the sun sets and the darkness begins to creep over the land in the far distance the sound of a great horn echoes down from the rugged mountains that are the Towers of the Moon.  Those that live in the foothills know that the horn, made from solid platinum extracted from the bones of the ancient dragon Karlmuth and encrusted with gemstones stolen from the ogre-infested ruins that were once the Halls of the Dwarf Lord Kragsmar Thunderhammer, is let lose each night to summon the guardian spirit to keep the wizard's manse of Sutterholm safe from prying eyes and malicious intent.

If the a player character managed to get their hands on this fine device, they could sound it each night to offer unbreakable protection from the foul things that stalk in the night.  Those within the sounding radius (which is rumored to be controllable) will be undetectable by any means until the next sunrise.  Of course each night that one sleeps under such protection allows for their dreams to be invaded by strange ephemeral creatures and over time a deep paranoia sets in at all times.  At first this can be healthy for adventurers (-1 to initiative) but in the long run their social maladaptation will not allow them to even consider speaking to another soul - and the best way to ensure that is to  get the horn for themselves at any cost.